Tips for a Successful Blog

Blogs can not only help with brand awareness, but it can help your viewers tackle any task they have. As a marketing agency, we deliver topics that relate to helping your business grow their marketing efforts as well as give inside tips as to how to use specific programs such as Google AdWords and how to create a successful landing page.

Developing a good and concise blog page takes time, but by writing content for your website, it brings in new and current viewers who are interested in your topics as well as helps you with your website’s Google rating and SEO score. Here are some tips that will help you create a successful blog.


Before writing your blogs, make sure that the topic you are choosing is unique and relevant to what you do. If you host a photographer’s website, it is unlikely that people come to your website to learn how to cook. Therefore, stick to what you know and what your followers want to learn and see. By keeping your topics similar to your business this will help Google and other search engines optimize your blog for searches.


When it comes to having a great SEO score, you have to think about the keywords. When writing your blogs content, use keywords in the title, meta description, and throughout the blog. For example, for those with a photographer’s blog, using keywords like the cameras name can often lead to someone searching for that specific camera. To find topics that are trending today, use Google Trends to identify what is being searched.

Revamping Content

After a few years of writing blogs, you may run out of ideas for topics. However, there is something that you can do about this. By revamping your content, you can look at past blogs and update them with new content that is updated. Doing this allows Google to re-index them giving you an overall better score for your website.

Call to Action

If you are not seeing the engagement or response you were hoping for, first look at your call to action. Do you have one and is it clear enough of what you are wanting your viewers to do. Add a call to action at the end of your blogs clearly stating that they can contact you for further information, comment their thoughts on the topic, or to learn more about your services or products. With the proper links and information, you can give readers a chance to ask further questions or to learn more instead of leaving the site right then.

Google Analytics

The best way to see how your blog posts are doing is to track the number of people that are going to each blog, what the bounce rate is, and how much time they are spending on it. If you see that there is a high bounce rate, this can give you an indication that either the topic was not what viewers were looking for, or there wasn’t enough content to read and readers were able to scan throughout quickly.

The number of blogs that you write a month is important to remind your viewers that you are an expert in your field as well as driving traffic to your website. When your blog is posted, remember to share it all over social media and through eBlasts to tell people about your new blog.

At Big Marlin Group, we write at least 4 blogs a month to share our expertise and insight into our field of marketing, advertising, and website development. It’s important to keep your readers engaged with your content and to always be reminded about your business.

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