What You Need To Know About Facebook Ads.

When it comes to Facebook Advertisements, simple and less information is more beneficial in order to target a specific audience. Facebook allows you to target consumers based on several different criteria including location, interests and demographics. Here are some other important points to know about Facebook Ads: Multiple Variations of Ads It is important when… Read More

What Are Google Ad Extensions?.

By adding Ad Extensions to your ads, it allows for them to be more visible and valuable by increasing the number of clicks and CTR (Click through Rate). It gives people another reason to click on your ad. For Ad Extensions to work, you have to manually set them up in AdWords. From there, your… Read More

How Non-Profits Can Make The Most Out Of Google Grants.

Did you know that Google offers a $10,000 monthly grant to non-profit organization for advertising on Google? The program is called Google Grants and we want to show you a few ways to make the most of your, essentially free, advertising money. However, there are restrictions to using this grant, such as having a $2.00… Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Complaints.

Social media is a communication channel for customers. More and more consumers are turning to social media to express their feelings towards brands. They get to interact with brands they love, but it also acts as a forum to complain when they are disappointed. It is important for business owners to understand that answering complaints… Read More

O Captain! My Captain! | Bosses vs. Leaders | Big Marlin Group Marketing Agency

O Captain! My Captain.

At Big Marlin Group, we understand what it means to have inspiring leaders. In fact, we are surrounded by them. Just call us one of the lucky few. Big Marlin Group is a supportive, passionate and energetic company where everyone is treated like family.… Read More

Why Analytics Matters.

Using analytics has been proven as an effective way to measure and utilize the data from your marketing campaign. So the question is, why should you use analytics to drive results for your company? Why Analytics Matter First, let’s dive deeper into why analytics really matters. A good analytics setup enables you to make business… Read More

How Does Facebook Know What Ads to Show You.

Over the years, Facebook’s advertising system has become more personalized including targeting based on users likes and shares to allow advertisers to target ads based on the users’ web-browsing habits. As Facebook track your activity online, it allows advertisers to show frighteningly specific ads catered to you. However, it is important to note that Facebook… Read More

6 Tips for SEO.

Search engines rely on the relevance and importance of the search terms as well as the reactions people have towards it. A great way to start getting your content out there and available is to share and talk about it. Here are six SEO tips to help you get there. Website Builders We are in… Read More

8 Trends Driving Marketing in 2017.

  1. Increased Focus on Customer Experience This is the heart of marketing today for almost every industry. Successful businesses must embrace customer-centric philosophies to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns. If your customers are not top-of-mind, then what is? 2. Engaged and Effective Measuring Analytics and being able to measure your marketing efforts is… Read More