Tips To Having A Successful Instagram Contest.

No matter what your contest prize is, it is important to get the word out there! Your followers already love your brand and contests are the perfect way to reach even more followers who maybe didn’t know about you. With all of the Instagram contests that we have seen, we have discovered some of the… Read More

Blog SEO Tips.

If you’ve been writing content for a while you can go back to old posts and update them with fresh and relevant content as well as have SEO attached to them. By doing this, you are re-submitting them to be indexed by Google. Keywords The importance of keywords spaced out in your blogs is one… Read More


Tips for a Successful Blog.

As a marketing agency, we deliver topics that relate to helping your business grow their marketing efforts as well as give inside tips as to how to use specific programs such as Google AdWords and how to create a successful landing page. Developing a good and concise blog page takes time, but by writing content… Read More

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Types of Blog Posts.

Whatever blog style you decide to use make sure that it is informative and engaging enough so that your readers return to your website. Experiment with every type of blog style so you can learn what your viewers are interested in seeing.   Book Club A lot of people love to read books and listen… Read More

facebook canvas ads

Facebook Canvas Ads.

Another exciting way to advertise on Facebook is through Canvas Ads. These ads will give your audience a new experience to see your product or service. Canvas Ads allow you to upload engaging videos and photos that allows viewers to scroll through, grabbing their attention with imagery and video. Who Can Use Canvas Ads? Canvas… Read More

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Design for Accessibility.

When creating your website or even a blog post, there are many things that you need to consider for all users to have a positive experience. The UK Government  recently came out with posters that cater to the accessibility for those with – low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, dyslexia, motor disabilities, as well… Read More

Why It's Important To Be Tracking Conversions.

The one question we always ask is, how do you know that campaign worked? Each advertising piece used should either have at least one of the following; a promo code, a landing page or a call tracking number. This can be your first clue as to where they came from. If you have advertisements on… Read More

How to Avoid Monumental Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media.

However, many do not automate or keep their page up to date with the latest information about their company and products or services. Social media is there for businesses to create relationships, drive awareness and increase sales all by promoting their products and services. Unfortunately, there are ways that social media can hurt your business.… Read More

The Importance of Direct Mail in the Digital Age.

Direct mail has been used as a form of advertising for many years and with the rise of the digital age, marketers have not seen a decline in this effective tool. If you think about one of the first things that you do when you get home from work, it is usually checking the mailbox.… Read More

Benefits of Using Photoshop.

Photoshop is the perfect way to keep up with branding for your company and products. If you think using Photoshop is difficult, think again! By messing around with Photoshop tools you can start to understand how important it is and how creative you can get. Photoshop can help you resize images, change colors, blend two… Read More