How Does Facebook Know What Ads to Show You.

Over the years, Facebook’s advertising system has become more personalized including targeting based on users likes and shares to allow advertisers to target ads based on the users’ web-browsing habits. As Facebook track your activity online, it allows advertisers to show frighteningly specific ads catered to you. However, it is important to note that Facebook… Read More

6 Tips for SEO.

Search engines rely on the relevance and importance of the search terms as well as the reactions people have towards it. A great way to start getting your content out there and available is to share and talk about it. Here are six SEO tips to help you get there. Website Builders We are in… Read More

8 Trends Driving Marketing in 2017.

  1. Increased Focus on Customer Experience This is the heart of marketing today for almost every industry. Successful businesses must embrace customer-centric philosophies to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns. If your customers are not top-of-mind, then what is? 2. Engaged and Effective Measuring Analytics and being able to measure your marketing efforts is… Read More

You're Not a Google AdWords Expert | Marketing Mistakes | Target Marketing | Big Marlin Group Gilbert Marketing Agency

You're Not a Google AdWords Expert.

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for driving current and new customers to your website. However, AdWords can quickly become expensive and incredibly ineffective if not handled correctly.… Read More

3 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency | Big Marlin Group Gilbert Marketing Agency

Three Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency.

With the explosion of social media and mobile device usage, the way companies communicate and market their value proposition has changed. To ensure your branding message is not only reaching your target audience but is being well executed, hire a marketing agency that has the experience to solve your biggest marketing issues efficiently.… Read More

Review: Holiday Shopping Trends | Big Marlin Group Marketing

Review: Holiday Shopping Trends.

At Big Marlin Group, we believe in solving our clients biggest marketing challenges in a constantly changing digital world. We want to help you be prepared for the upcoming holiday season in order to take advantage of the best marketing strategies for your business.… Read More

Part 3: How Your Customer’s Will Shop this Holiday Season | Big Marlin Group Marketing Agency | Gilbert Arizona Advertising Agency

Part 3: How Your Customer’s Will Shop.

When it comes to holiday shopping, it is important to know the outlets that consumers use to shop at retailers. Shoppers have recently been more open to using mobile devices to shop, find new products and which companies to buy from. … Read More

Part 2: Holiday Shopping, Early Bird Style | Arizona Marketing Agency | Big Marlin Group Marketing

Part 2: Holiday Shopping, Early Bird Style.

The holidays can be a very stressful time planning family events, dinners and making sure you cover everyone on your shopping list. We do have a good news for business owners though! You want to start marketing to customers as early as possible as studies have shown the people are now, more than ever, shopping earlier.… Read More