Using Instagram & Facebook Live | Big Marlin Group | Gilbert Arizona Marketing Agency

Using Instagram & Facebook Live.

A few months ago, Instagram added a live feature to the ever growing Instagram stories. All users are now able to broadcast live with the video only lasting during that time and cannot be saved or archived. Regular Instagram videos are on the feed for a full 24 hours and users are able to view those repeatedly.… Read More

3 Tips to Boost Marketing in the Spring | Big Marlin Group | Gilbert Arizona Marketing Agency

3 Tips to Boost Marketing in the Spring.

Spring is officially upon us! Now before you start daydreaming of summer vacations, it’s time to spruce up your Spring marketing plan. We at Big Marlin Group have a few tips that can brighten up your marketing campaigns.… Read More

How Marketing Has Changed | Big Marlin Group | Gilbert Arizona Marketing Agency

How Marketing Has Changed.

With all of the changes in technology over the years, marketers have seen dramatic changes in how we advertise on different platforms from social media to Google AdWords.… Read More

What You Need To Know About Facebook Ads.

When it comes to Facebook Advertisements, simple and less information is more beneficial in order to target a specific audience. Facebook allows you to target consumers based on several different criteria including location, interests and demographics. Here are some other important points to know about Facebook Ads: Multiple Variations of Ads It is important when… Read More

What Are Google Ad Extensions?.

By adding Ad Extensions to your ads, it allows for them to be more visible and valuable by increasing the number of clicks and CTR (Click through Rate). It gives people another reason to click on your ad. For Ad Extensions to work, you have to manually set them up in AdWords. From there, your… Read More

How Non-Profits Can Make The Most Out Of Google Grants.

Did you know that Google offers a $10,000 monthly grant to non-profit organization for advertising on Google? The program is called Google Grants and we want to show you a few ways to make the most of your, essentially free, advertising money. However, there are restrictions to using this grant, such as having a $2.00… Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Complaints.

Social media is a communication channel for customers. More and more consumers are turning to social media to express their feelings towards brands. They get to interact with brands they love, but it also acts as a forum to complain when they are disappointed. It is important for business owners to understand that answering complaints… Read More

O Captain! My Captain! | Bosses vs. Leaders | Big Marlin Group Marketing Agency

O Captain! My Captain.

At Big Marlin Group, we understand what it means to have inspiring leaders. In fact, we are surrounded by them. Just call us one of the lucky few. Big Marlin Group is a supportive, passionate and energetic company where everyone is treated like family.… Read More