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What Social Platform Is Best For Your Industry.

To reach your audience, it is important to consider the entire context and purpose of your social media content. Different social platforms are better suited for different industries. Just as with any marketing function, social media marketing needs to be tailored to the industry your business is in. Below is a list of four industries… Read More

Promoting Your Facebook Event | Blog | Big Marlin Group

Promoting Your Facebook Event.

When creating a Facebook event, you can invite specific people or share it with all your friends, but chances are that’s still not the crowd you are targeting to have participate. We have some tips and suggestions for creating an event on Facebook made to succeed. The Basics of a Facebook Event Start with making… Read More

Business Etiquette for Social Media | Blog | Big Marlin Group

Business Etiquette for Social Media.

Social media is a vital component to promoting businesses, and how a business engages on social media is crucial to its brand’s presence in the digital world. Content that aligns with your brand and its audience will get the highest engagement. Basically, the content you’re sharing should make sense coming from the point-of-view of your… Read More

Meet the Marlins: Jamie

Meet the Marlins: Jamie.

Jamie is our fabulous VP of Business Development and a partner at Big Marlin Group! Her work-hard, play-hard mentality pushes us to be the best we can be!… Read More

Optimize your Website for Voice Search

Optimize your Website for Voice Search.

Alexa, Google, and Siri make it convenient for consumers to find the answers for us. According to ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Your business can be getting a lot more traffic than it is now by putting it on the map. Google Internal Data states that approximately one-third of all… Read More

Using Instagram Analytics to Your Advantage.

Using Insights, business profiles can see an overview of the performance of their profile for the week. The new tool offers the ability to see how many users visited your profile, your follower rate, and engagement rate.… Read More

2018 Changes in Social Media

2018 Changes in Social Media.

The developers of some of the most popular social media sites/apps are always thinking of ways to be one step ahead of the game- ways to make their apps more accessible and keep their users wanting more. Here are some of the biggest modifications for social media sites in 2018, so far…… Read More

Meet the Marlins: Melissa | Gilbert Arizona | Big Marlin Group

Meet the Marlins: Melissa.

Melissa has been working with us since the beginning of BMG! Her mastery in organization and her get-it-done attitude keeps the office running smoothly. Melissa’s brilliant ideas for office games keeps everyone energized. She is dedicated to her work and strives to make sure our clients are satisfied. … Read More

Lakeland Hills Family YMCA | Big Marlin Group

Success at Lakeland Hills Family YMCA.

Before Our Partnership In May of 2016, I attended Christensen Computer Company’s (CCC) annual customer conference. During the opening session of the conference, several vendor presenters had the opportunity to share how they were collaborating with CCC to integrate their product(s) with the CCC software on behalf of their mutual clients. One of these vendors… Read More

Food Industry Marketing | Blog | Big Marlin Group Marketing Agency

Food Industry Marketing.

The ways of food and beverage marketing have drastically changed since the release of the Chef Boyardee commercial. Today, we are seeing things work that we’d never thought appropriate and using tools we would never imagined.… Read More