Blog SEO Tips

To optimize your blogs to be search engine friendly, it is important to add in SEO to help get your blog out there. If you’ve been writing content for a while you can go back to old posts and update them with fresh and relevant content as well as have SEO attached to them. By doing this, you are re-submitting them to be indexed by Google.


The importance of keywords spaced out in your blogs is one of the key ways that you article is going to be found organically. There are certain places that keywords should be placed, but without going overboard of having keywords in every sentence. Keywords should be placed in the following areas:

  • Title
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Heads and Subheadings
  • Introductory sentence
  • Title tags and meta descriptions

Keyword Research

You’ve chosen a keyword or keywords to add to your content, but how do you know that the keywords you are using are relevant or valuable to your post? Google AdWords has a keyword tool as well as SEMrush that you can use to find keywords that are relevant to your topic that you are writing about.


Optimize the length of each of the articles your write to make sure that they have a minimum of 300 words. It is important to remember to stop your word count at around 700 words. With each article, you should have around 1-2% of your keywords present in it. With a 700-word article, you should mention your keyword 7- 14 times. When placing keywords in your blog, make sure that the flow stays consistent and it doesn’t read and feel unnatural.

Internal and external links are important to your SEO score as it gives your blog credibility and helps with search results. If you are talking about a specific product or client, remember to link them so the reader can quickly look up what that is. This is also another way for others to find you if another blog embedded your link into their article or content.

People spend a lot of time and energy researching the content for their blogs. Make sure that your content is being read not only by followers, but by Google to help with search engine results. Take the time to make sure that your SEO is up to standard with each of your blogs. If you need help boosting your SEO, give us a call. Big Marlin Group can help you with your SEO score and inform you on more ways to improve your content.

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