Our goal with Southwest Blinds was to maximize the impact of their co-op budget by targeting a highly specific and motivated audience. After careful analysis, we pinpointed “new movers” as the demographic most likely to purchase window coverings. However, with the market flooded with new homeowner marketing efforts, our challenge was to find a way to stand out amidst the noise.


To tackle this saturated market, we devised a comprehensive, highly targeted marketing campaign for Southwest Blinds. Consistency and frequency were key for success, with a strong offer and clear messaging that carried across its many touchpoints.

Our multi-pronged approach featured a mix of digital advertising, custom landing pages, direct mail pieces, and email marketing. The result? A staggering 2,800% return on investment (ROI) through match back reports, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted strategy in reaching and converting the desired audience.

How each channel contributed to the overall campaign strategy:

  • Paid social advertising: Slideshow-style video editing leveraged the visual nature of social media to build strong brand associations with the audience while providing easy conversion opportunities.
  • Print marketing: The staying power of a postcard you can hold in your hands is especially potent in the new mover demographic, who are more likely to change home service providers than the average homeowner.
  • Email marketing: We optimized this more personal touchpoint with messaging that’s highly relevant to the new mover demographic. And because most emails are read on mobile, the responsive layout adapts easily to phone inboxes.
  • Geofencing: This pay-per-click retargeting strategy captured prospective customers who may have otherwise fallen off before converting.
  • Landing pages: By funneling all digital marketing to a custom landing page with the same messaging and imagery as the entire campaign, we showed the audience that they were in the right place, maximizing Southwest Blind’s lead conversion rate.


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