When we originally designed Five Guys Roofing’s website back in 2020, they prioritized branding over organic traffic. We created a minimalist website that was visually striking but light on content opportunities. As time passed and their business goals evolved, the need for strong search engine optimization (SEO) became apparent. Our challenge was to transform the website into a functional platform that ranked well in search engine results, all without sacrificing the brand.


Our team devised a comprehensive SEO strategy focused on content development and URL structure. Because the website already had a strong technical foundation, we were able to expand on its existing capabilities without reworking the backend.

We started by identifying content and keyword opportunities, focusing on transactional intent towards the bottom of the marketing funnel. We mapped out a new URL structure, pinpointing key pages that required expansion and adding new pages where more detail would improve the customer journey and support organic traffic growth. We updated and added new flex fields within the website structure, enhancing its SEO capabilities while maintaining its original look and feel.

The result is a website that not only retains its visual appeal, but also positions them favorably for increased organic visibility and traffic. View their website here.


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