whyMarlin’s Digital Counter User Interface

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Big Marlin’s vertical company, whyMarlin, saw a need in the non-profit marketplace for a single platform that allows for online program registration, digital form submission, and account management, all while being able to market your company. Therefore, we created a business systems interface called Digital Counter.

Digital Counter is just one of whyMarlin’s solutions that strengthens and allows for more online capabilities, such as program registrations, membership sales, user account management and other marketing functions, while creating a pleasant user experience. Digital Counter was approached from a marketing angle versus just an operational tool for associations, like YMCAs. It’s a flexible API tool that lets us do just about anything we want when it comes to a business system interface.

Although there are similar apps available, none deliver the user-friendly experience provided by Digital Counter. Users can browse everything the YMCA offers, including both current and future programs, and add different classes or programs to the cart before ever having to log in. Once a user logs in, they can manage their account, sign up multiple family members for either the same or different classes all in one simple, time-saving process! Additionally, Digital Counter is mobile friendly to cater to the growing number of mobile users.

The comprehensive nature of the API combined with ease of use, delivers a superior experience to the user! Access to the classes, programs, pricing and events, always remains visible for an improved user experience with no backtracking. Integration is no longer a strict development function due to the advances in web browser technology. This API development that brought us Digital Counter has answered many of the plaguing issues inherent with most large business systems. Digital Counter gives non-profits and associations, like the YMCA, the ability to easily grow their user base and reap the benefits of the application - greater efficiency, lower administrative costs and increased sales.

whyMarlin has seen too many integration projects that become maintenance heavy and lack a ROI goal to drive the final product. Your digital presence leaves a lasting user experience and it’s too important to trust a bunch of developers that don’t properly understand your organization and goals. whyMarlin has worked with over 300 different YMCA branches, located in 11 different states across the U.S., in promoting their membership and program activities. Our intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by YMCAs has set us apart from the competition to provide a solution that caters to the YMCAs needs.

For more information, please visit whymarlin.com or contact Ted Brown at tbrown@bigmarlingroup.com or (480) 381-1154.

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