Why You Should Use PPC

Every business is different and so is their marketing strategy, but there is one thing that every business should be using no matter how large or small their monthly budget is to spend on advertising.

Google is ranked the #1 search engine that people use and one of their greatest tools for advertisers is Pay-Per-Click.

This specific application is through Google AdWords, where you can set the amount you want to spend on each keyword. Keyword spend differs from industry to industry, so it is important that you know where your keywords stand at.

The first thing you need to know about Google AdWords is that you want to spend your budget on first page bids.

This means that your ad or ads will be shown on the first page and could even be ranked #1 on Google search for your products using keywords that relate to your business. This will give your business exposure and the chance to show off your business to potential customers. By using Google AdWords, you will be able to see the data that includes the number of impressions your ad has, how many clicks there have been on your ad as well as a conversion number if you decide to set that up (which you should).

With each campaign and advertisement in Google AdWords, you must designate keywords that relate to that ad.

Therefore, your ad will be shown if someone uses those keywords that you assigned. People are searching for your products and services every day, why not give them direct access to what they are looking for with one click instead of having them search through your website.

Engage with your customers by using ad extensions that shares with users your businesses location, store hours, products, and even if you are having a deal.

There’s a great amount of helpfulness that comes from AdWords for users specifically. Everything they are looking for is now within one click. By engaging with your customers, you are not only putting your business in front of them, but you are also learning about them. By using Google Analytics, we can see users ages, location, time spend on the website, and even what pages they went to. If your business is primarily online, do you know what city, state, or even country your customers are coming from? Google Analytics can inform you where the users are coming from which you can tell AdWords that you would like to target those areas.

If you have competitors in your business, your main goal is to try and beat them out and have customers come to you instead of them.

So how can you do that with Pay-Per-Click? In each campaign that you create, you should have at least two different ads going towards the same product or service. This will give Google the opportunity to rotate ads and see which is performing better. If you notice that one ad is doing better than another, you can easily change the less performing ad to see what does and doesn’t work with customers. Additionally, if you have two advertisements in your ad group, this will also give you the opportunity to knock out other competitors from the first spot by showing both of your ads at the same time to the same user.

In the end, using Pay-Per-Click can be useful to any business even if you are a non-profit organization.

Get your business name and services out there first to people who are looking for the type of products your business sells. If your business is not yet doing PPC marketing, it's time to start. At Big Marlin Group, we are Google Certified and have members on our team that are certified in AdWords and Analytics to help assist you in setting up and maintaining your accounts to help you achieve your goals.

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