Why You Should Focus on Video Marketing

Video content has grown tremendously over the years. Now we are seeing the impact it has on bringing in new customers as well as capturing the audience’s attention.

From Facebook and Instagram Live to TikTok and Instagram's newest Reels to producing homemade videos to show off a product or service, customers are more than ever looking for video to explain your business. If you don’t already have a video marketing plan set in place for your business, now is the time. When it comes to staying on top of marketing trends it is important to use video to interact with your customers.

Video content can be as simple as using Facebook or Instagram Stories to connect with your audience, to showcasing a new product or even a demonstration. Adding these videos to Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube can produce customers to share and like the video. Facebook has over 2.6 billion users, Instagram has over 1 billion, TikTok has 800 million, Snapchat 315 million, and YouTube has over 2 billion users. All of these outlets have one thing in common: you can post videos to connect with your audience. It is easier than ever to get your content out there across all platforms. Along with posting videos, but it allows for viewers to share them for a higher chance to reach your target audience.

Alternate Strategies

Another way you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy is to add it to the email marketing or eBlasts. This will give viewers a different take on your business. In an email, you can say a bit more without overloading viewers. By adding a video to your eBlasts, you will most likely see an increase in CTR (Click-through-rate). Open rate will also increase because customers are intrigued to learn more.

Visual story telling is an effective way for your business to build a lasting relationship with customers. When working with video, it is important to remember that video quality is more important than video quantity. No one wants to watch a low-quality video. Low quality videos may also put off customers' interest in your product or services. It is time to invest in marketing strategies that involve video and achieve a higer Return on Investment (ROI). You don’t just have to take advantage of live videos and 360-degree videos to stand out, in-house quality videos will also provide excellent content for your business.

You can create videos in the following fashion:

  • How-To: How-to videos are very valuable especially if your product or service requires some assembly or tips on the best way to use it.
  • Testimonial: Testimonial videos get feedback from clients to show potential customers your value. It also gives them the ability to gain trust in your company.
  • Before – During – After: Before–During–After videos to show the progression of your clients and your work.
  • Entertainment: Entertainment videos to show off the fun side of your company. All videos don’t have to be serious.
  • Behind the Scenes: Behind the Scenes videos at a conference, gathering, or a business deal.

As for an appropriate length in your video, it should be less than 2 minutes. Although social media platforms can limit you on time, you can create different versions for different plant forms. Just use different segments of you video for the various channels you plan to use.

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