Why You Should Be Tracking Conversions

With every piece of advertising material businesses use, the things they look for is if they received responses and potentially new customers from it. The one question we always ask is, how do you know that campaign worked? Each advertising piece used should either have at least one of the following; a promo code, a landing page or a call tracking number. This can be your first clue as to where they came from. If you have advertisements on Facebook, provide a promo code like FB2017 or a landing page such as with a specific URL to differentiate where that person came from.

If you have a form on the landing page, you can also track how many people fill out that form by placing a conversion tag on the website to the thank you page of the form. This will tell you that a person filled it out and can inform you of where they came from. This not only shares with you how your advertising is doing, but also how your website is performing.

Conversion tracking is so important to have on every piece of advertising piece you put out into the world because it enables you to measure your businesses profits from your spending dollars on marketing. It can also tell you if a piece of advertising is working or not, without conversion tracking you don’t have a way of tracking how well a piece is doing.

One of the easiest digital platforms to add conversion tracking to is Google AdWords, if you are advertising on that platform. There you can track almost anything from your website. There are many types of conversions, including calls and forms, that you can create to see how viewers are reacting on your website.

Cost Per Conversion

By adding a cost to each conversion, you can track if you are spending your marketing budget wisely. With two ways to track Cost Per Conversion, you can get an accurate amount on how much you are spending on a customer. If you don’t put a monetary amount your conversion tracking, you can take how much you spent in a month on Google AdWords, or any other piece of advertising, and divide it by the number of conversions came through. It’s your choice as to what you call a ‘conversion’.

Bounce Rate

At first you may not think bounce rate is a good conversion tracker, but it really is. The bounce rate lets us know if the landing page consumers are being sent to is catchy, informative, and makes an impact on the reader. With a higher bounce rate, it informs us that the content is not working or inaccurate, the form may be too long, or the offer doesn’t stand out. For e-commerce sites, look for those abandoning their shopping cart without making a purchase first. The checkout process could be too complicated, the server may be slow, or maybe additional pricing is added.

Thank-You Page

By adding conversion tracking to a thank-you page after a form, it can tell you if you received a conversion from AdWords or Facebook and that customer filled out a form.


Another conversion tracking method that is great for company’s who receive a lot of phone calls is call tracking. By adding either your company’s number or purchased call tracking number, you can track and listen to all calls that come through it. For AdWords, you can even use a Google forwarding number to track calls on your ads. Listening to calls is great for training your employees and making sure you are converting those leads!

Traffic Sources

Do you know where your customers come from before they visit your website? There are three primary ways to know where your customers came from. Direct visitors come to your company’s website by directly using your URL in the address bar. Search visitors used a search engine to find your company and continued to click on your link. The last source is referral visitors who got to your website from either another blog or website that your company was mentioned in.

Do you have conversion tracking in place for your company? If you need help or would like advice from an experienced agency who focuses on measuring and tracking all leads, call Big Marlin Group today! We want to help you measure your advertising spend to ensure your marketing efforts are performing.

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