What Are Google Ad Extensions?

If you are looking to boost your Google AdWords paid search performance, Ad Extensions are a great way to show more information about your company to those searching. By adding Ad Extensions to your ads, it allows for them to be more visible and valuable by increasing the number of clicks and CTR (Click through Rate). It gives people another reason to click on your ad.

For Ad Extensions to work, you have to manually set them up in AdWords. From there, your ads will show the Ad Extension once the required minimum ad rank is high enough. For your ad rank to be high enough, you may need to increase your bid as well as the quality score on the ad. The great part of having Ad Extensions is that is does not cost you any more than the usual cost per clicks on the ad.

Manual Extensions include:

Sitelink Extensions allow you to easily guide the consumer to the pages and information they are looking for on your site. This allows you to create more targeted ads towards the consumer and guide them directly to the landing page they are looking for with little to no hassle. You can use Sitelink Extensions to guide consumers to hours of operation, any specials your company is having, or even straight to booking an appointment.

2. Location Extensions

Location Extensions are especially helpful when it comes to mobile-users. It is an easy way to quickly see and retrieve directions to your business. This extension, once clicked, will allow for the user to see a map with a pin on your location and general directions to the location.

3. Call Extensions

One of the more useful extensions for mobile-users is the ability to click a button to call straight from the ad itself. This will allow consumers to easily reach you, which not only saves users time, but increase the number of leads you receive for companies who rely on customer and client interaction. Each call counts as a standard click and setting up call tracking is easy for business owners to track all of their calls.

4. Review Extensions

When consumers look for a new business or product to use, the first thing we do is look for positive, credible customer reviews. The Review Extension allows for reviews to be placed right in front of the user under the ad itself. This will increase credibility of your business just by adding a positive review. It’s important to know that Review Extensions only appear on desktop devices and on the Google Search Network.

5. App Extensions

If your company uses or has created an app that you want to get consumers to download, an App Extension is a great way to get the word out there. The extension will show below your ad and will send people directly to the app store once clicked.

6. Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions are different from other extensions because consumers are not able to click on them or be taken to a separate landing page based on the content. They are used as detailed information about your company that includes products, availability, and offers. Having this extension allows for users to see how your business stands out among the rest of the competition. For callouts to appear on your ad, you must have a minimum of two callouts per account, campaign or ad group. You have a maximum of four callouts per level and we recommend you create the maximum amount. Callout Extension only works within ‘Search Network with Display Select’ & ‘Search Network’.

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