Using Instagram & Facebook Live

A few months ago, Instagram added a live feature to the ever growing Instagram stories. All users are now able to broadcast live with the video only lasting during that time and cannot be saved or archived. Regular Instagram videos are on the feed for a full 24 hours and users are able to view those repeatedly.

Both of the video feeds on Facebook and Instagram are a great tool to use for any business as a way to connect with your followers in real time. The main difference is that Instagram Live can only be viewed while you are streaming, while Facebook Live will save on your page for viewers to watch even after the video is over.

Why Instagram Live?

Because of Instagram’s new algorithm that controls what photos you see, it is important to always keep updating your Instagram with new pages and Video to keep being shown on your follower’s news feed. Along with updating your page with pictures, it is important to use Instagram Stories to stay on the top bar of your follower’s news feed. When you use Instagram Live, Instagram will notify followers that you have started a live video.

When you are using Instagram Live, your audience will be able to interact with you by liking or commenting on the live video.

Start an Instagram Live

To start your Instagram Live video, you will need to be on your home page and choose your profile photo on the top bar with the + sign next to it. You will then be taken to the camera where you will have four options:

  • Live: You can record a video but will disappear after it is completed
  • Normal: Share saved photos or add new photos and videos for viewing but will disappear after 24 hours
  • Boomerang: Burst of photos that creates a loop video that can be saved to your phone or posted on your


  • Hands-Free: Users are able to record a video with a tap instead of a press and hold to record.

To use any of these four features, just slide your finger across to change the option. To go live, you will need to choose Start Live Video once you are in the Live option and your followers will be notified.

Start a Facebook Live

To begin a Facebook Live, you must be on a mobile device that has the Facebook app. This will broadcast your live videos straight to your news feed allowing the people that follow you to view the video. For businesses, this is a great tool to interact with your customers by building a relationship with them as well as directly communicating with them.

There are two ways that you can go live on Facebook:

  1. The first is by opening the ‘Update Status’, as if you were writing a new post.
  2. From the home page on the Facebook App, you will see the ‘Live’ on the top of the screen underneath search.

Whichever way you choose to start a Facebook Live you will need to choose either ‘Live Video’ or ‘Live’. The next screen will prompt you to allow camera access. After you have given Facebook access to your camera and microphone, you will have the open to describe your video as well as who can see it.

The description will tell viewers what the video is about. While you are on Facebook Live, you can change the camera view to use the front facing camera or the back facing. There will be a ‘Go Live’ button that you can press once you feel comfortable to start your video. While the video is live, viewers are able to interact with you and you are able to reply to them in the video!

For clothing stores, you can feature new products, as well as behind the scenes on photo shoots with your clothes. Hair Salons as well can use Live to show the cycle of someone receiving a dramatic hair makeover.

Businesses should utilize both of these Live video updates so that your current customers and even potential new customers can learn about the company’s products/services or if they are holding an event or offering a special.

If you are a business owner that has questions or simply wants more understanding of using video as part of your marketing strategy, please contact us at Big Marlin Group. We are here to answer your questions and show you what it takes to achieve your business goals

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