The Truth About Buying Facebook Likes

Looking to add Facebook Likes to your page? Whether your Facebook business account is new or old, we are here to tell you why you should not buy Facebook Likes. Every business account on Facebook wants to have thousands of likes to out do your competitors and to show others that your business is not only legit, but that it is thriving.

Many companies have found the solution of buying Likes instead of organically growing them. After spending some money, you now have hundreds of likes to your page. Unfortunately, what many company’s don’t know is how buying Likes hurts them.


Advertisers, like us here at Big Marlin Group, use the insights that Facebook offers about the people who follow your business page, to know who to advertise to on Facebook. By purchasing fake likes, you ultimately throw our data off to target the right audience through advertising.


By the time you research buying likes and purchasing them, you’ll have to spend even more time cleaning up your business page to rid of those fake likes. Take the time and money that you would invest in buying likes into advertising and gaining organic likes. One site that we found where someone could buy fake likes, charges $71 for 1,000 Facebook Likes to your page and can even purchase likes on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Although you are buying likes, the likelihood of one of those likes purchasing from your company is slim to none.


Facebook always has eye’s on your page to look to see how interesting your content is and how many people see it. By having fake, non-engaged users, this creates a bad look to Facebook and your posts will ultimately reach less and less people organically. Bought fans will not engage with your Facebook page, even if they are real people.

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that helps determine which posts go into News Feeds. If your Facebook page has little to no engagement, especially with having a larger number of likes, your EdgeRank rating will decrease which means no one will see your posts.


Before Facebook users like a new page, they first look at previous posts to see the amount of engagement you have had and what people have said about your company as well as products and services. Let’s say you have a hundred thousand followers, but your posts only receive a couple of likes. This shows potential customers that your business is unreliable and possible fake itself.

Take time and be patient in growing your following organically and through paid advertising. This is going to allow you to build a credible following that will interact with your posts and be customers.

At Big Marlin Group, we can provide you with creative and advertising insights on how to market your audience to Like your Facebook business page. Watch your page Likes grow organically as well as your business!

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