Brainstorm Optimization: Setting Up The Perfect War Room

A Brainstorm War Room is the perfect start to creating a successful brand strategy. A war room is in a business headquarters that contains supplies like computers, whiteboards, or other tools to help with the creative process of building a strategy. This is a place to brainstorm ideas and encourage the creation of the perfect plan.

A war room encourages a feeling of focus and trying to become a sort of warrior for your brand. A place to work hard and play hard, bonding with the team, and sharing ideas. It should be a room away from the company chaos as well to allow for quiet working and focus.

Have a Whiteboard

Having a whiteboard is a great way to get your ides down and organized. A whiteboard gives your employees the ability to write out ideas and brainstorm new and existing strategies. The visual component can help put things into perspective and allow you to see the bigger picture. Also writing fun and motivational quotes is a great way to ignite motivation.

Reminder of Brand Purpose

Remind your workers of what they are working for. It’s great to paint the mission statement in the war room to keep your employee on track with the brand identity and create an idea that promotes the brand identity and purpose.

This is also an opportunity to establish and perfect your brand name. This can be a room full of your brand colors, theme, to help reinforce what your brand identity is to further solidify your goals with your workers and inspiring efficiency.

Incite Creativity

Encouraging creativity is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful war room. A war room needs colors and tools that inspire creativity. This can be by using the colors of psychology, like red and orange to insight productivity and keep people positive and active. It should be light and energized, improving efficiency.

There are various tools you can put around the office to encourage creativity and even get your worker’s brains working more efficiently. This can include chalkboards, whiteboards, or various sticky notes to write on and post on the walls. As well as vision boards and technology to research online for brainstorm ideas.

Encourage Communication and Competition

A war room should be a place where ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Begin with an open brainstorming session. Write everything down and keep an open mind throughout every meeting in the war room. It’s important to foster an environment that is full of interaction. Communication must be respectful but also inspire collaboration.

A bit of healthy competition can be enjoyable for workers. Creating a culture of competition can push workers to work more efficiently. Small games or ice breakers can be a great way to warm up before starting on strategic communication. At Big Marlin we invest in our team as much as we invest in clients. We conduct weekly team bonding activities and promote collective brainstorming sessions any chance we get.


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