The Biggest Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making

Whether you’ve already launched a marketing campaign or are contemplating outsourcing to a marketing company, don’t fall into the trap that many do and consider these marketing mistakes.

Protect your investment and allow your marketing efforts to help grow your company.

Not Having a Clear Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know where you will end up? This includes not only your overall marketing strategy, but your strategy and goals for social media, email, content and more. Defining your strategic and marketing goals is essential in order to execute a successful digital marketing plan. With a clearly defined roadmap, you can focus on the time investment that is needed to achieve those goals as well as a realistic budget. You’ll be able to measure results in each of your marketing channels to determine which are generating leads and adjust your strategy from there.

Lack of Understanding of Your Target Audience

If you decide to change your logo to attract a new customer base, how will it affect your current customers? Are you throwing out a wide net hoping to catch the best fish, but not sure who the best fish are? It is important to understand your target audience to attract new ideal customers and to gauge how changes in your business will affect your existing customers.

Many business owners can get caught up in trying to gain new customers, who may be in a different target market than their primary customers. This can be detrimental to your business because you may have underestimated your primary audience, misdiagnosed the wants and needs for your ideal audience, and eliminated potentially lucrative opportunities. Make sure you understand your core target audience and how will those changes you make affect them.

Not Communicating and Building Relationships with Your Customers

Businesses need to remain agile and fast-moving to stay relevant in their market, but it is important to remember to communicate those changes to your audience clearly before making them. Your relationships with your customers and potential customers can be deeply affected if a significant change is made without warning. Make sure your long-standing customers feel valued and show how much you appreciate their brand loyalty.

In terms of social media platforms, engaging with your audience allows you to understand their needs and wants as a consumer. This allows you to build those relationships, enhance trust levels and create customer loyalty.

Your Content Isn’t Useful

If a customer is having a problem, you want to give them the solution not more content about the problem. A well written article that doesn’t solve a problem or answer a question isn’t going to get a better reaction than a poorly written article. So, how do you improve the usefulness of your content? Think like your target audience and identify the questions and problems they may be struggling with, then answer those questions directly with your content.

Not Measuring Results or Hyper Focusing

Many business owners decide not to track results or use analytics for various reasons. It is easy to be distracted by all of the new marketing tools and strategies that are introduced each year, but without measuring results, those new tools will not be effective in the long-term. There is invaluable information you gain from measuring your marketing efforts, allowing you to focus and refine your strategy to achieve your strategic goals. Most importantly, you can see what is not working before it is too late. This gives you the ability to have a ‘second chance’ in marketing campaigns to give your clients valuable results.

On the other hand, the amount of data available creates extraordinary opportunities for us to optimize our marketing campaigns. However, determining which results are relevant to your campaign can be overwhelming causing you to get lost down a rabbit hole. Staying focused on which results provide actionable insight will give you the ability to continue a successful campaign.

If you find your company struggling with any of these, Big Marlin Group would love to help you gain back your business and steer you in the right direction. We believe our clients are more like partners because we take the time to understand the company and their needs in order to achieve their strategic and marketing goals.

Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation marketing consultation!

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