The Benefits of Conducting a SWOT Analysis

The benefits of conducting a SWOT analysis are numerous. SWOT can be a wonderful way to figure out where your company stands and its possible future endeavors and ways to change and improve. SWOT analysis looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company. Companies conduct these on a regular basis to analyze their company`s standings can provide information that is vital to maintaining and growing your business.

What is SWOT

SWOT is a part of a company’s strategic planning. They may be conducted before a new marketing campaign or even during various ad campaigns to understand where the company stands. It Is a simple measurement that can be conducted by any company. It condenses the information, usually into a table with four parts to explain components of the company.


These are the first part of a SWOT analysis. Strengths is an internal look at your companies’ strengths. This could be a strong digital footprint to a cohesive branding concept. The company can look at its advantages and how they differentiate themselves from the market around them. Strengths are important to consider in order to analyze where the company is doing well and mirror this in other areas.


These are just as important as strengths in a company. Weaknesses of the company are areas where the company can improve and expand. In this section, companies can analyze where they have fallen short from things like failure to hit marketing objectives to communication endeavors. When looking at a company’s weaknesses the company can analyze how they want to handle these weaknesses, being aware of them provides the opportunity to improve them.


These are a way for the company to analyze where they have chances to grow and expand. Opportunities are usually external meaning they look at the chances for improvement in the external environment. Opportunities can look at trends and changing components in the market that can present an opportunity for the company to get involved and expand.


Analyzing threats to your business is a necessary part of figuring out ways to mitigate the consequences of these threats. Threats look at the external threats that can negatively impact your business. This could be anything in the marketplace from supply issues to economic issues. By figuring out what these possible threats are, your company can analyze how to prevent them. Threats should be considered at all times, especially when looking into a new business endeavor. At Big Marlin we can conduct a professional SWOT analysis for you and create a marketing plan for you to develop your company to its fullest potential.

Benefits of SWOT

There are numerous benefits of conducting a SWOT analysis for your company. A SWOT analysis can provide your company with a good idea of where it stands and how to improve it. It also allows you to understand your business and its market better. Releasing your SWOT analysis to your employees can also help them better understand the business and improve their performance. SWOT also is a free analysis. Anyone who is familiar with your company can run a quick SWOT analysis. There doesn’t have to be an outside business or consultant for you to create a strong SWOT analysis. SWOT also allows you to analyze the weaknesses in your company and how to improve them while looking at how threats can be identified and mitigated. Taking advantage of your strengths and developing a marketing plan in response to the various variables present is another benefit of SWOT.

Hire A Professional

At Big Marlin, we offer various marketing strategy and analysis services. At times it is helpful and useful to get a fresh pair of eyes on your company in order to truly evaluate it. Our various services are sure to improve and build your brand to greatness.

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