We are a group of dedicated marketing professionals who can solve your business & marketing challenges in a constantly changing digital world.

We produce all of our solutions in-house to generate brand compliant material to help grow our clients’ business. With a combination of creativity and strategy, all material is created to deliver goal-oriented campaigns.

Service Packages

Here at Big Marlin Group, we know that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer a variety of packages to fit your marketing needs.

9 Hours

The Wahoo Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Wahoo Package

Dedicated to those who need light marketing assistance with social media, Pay Per Click Advertising, and graphic design. Let us help you get on track!

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17 Hours

The Barracuda Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Barracuda Package

Take your marketing up a notch with more day-to-day marketing and advertising tasks. Standing out in the crowd is vital if you want your business to get noticed.

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27 Hours

The Yellowfin Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Yellowfin Package

The Yellowfin Package helps businesses with more media channels and provides detailed reporting on their marketing spend, if this sounds like your business, you will definitely see the benefit of this package.

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35 Hours

The Bluefin Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Bluefin Package

The next step in growing your business through additional marketing support. Put your marketing needs in the hands of a company that can do it all! We will be your marketing department allowing you to focus fully on the growth and operations of your company.

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63 Hours

The Big Marlin Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Big Marlin Package

For the businesses with a large outgoing marketing budget and in super growth mode, our Big Marlin Package will help you define your identity and hook the demographic it serves through a variety of medial channels.

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The Custom Angler Package | Marketing Packages | Big Marlin Group

The Custom Angler Package

For the businesses who have marketing needs that change with times and seasons, we can build a marketing strategy tailored uniquely to fit your needs, preferences and style. We can provide as much or as little marketing expertise to fit your needs as you grow.

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We love collaborating with extraordinary brands and the people behind them. We're ready to dive in when you are.

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Solve your business & marketing challenges.


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