Promoting Your Facebook Event

Your next event could be the talk of the town, but you must get the word out first. What is the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to get the word out? Creating your event on Facebook!

When creating a Facebook event, you can invite specific people or share it with all your friends, but chances are that’s still not the crowd you are targeting to have participate. We have some tips and suggestions for creating an event on Facebook made to succeed.

The Basics of a Facebook Event

Start with making a catchy event name, also known as the headline, that makes sense. You want to grab your audience’s attention. There are only 64 characters for the event name, so make sure to choose wisely. If you need assistance creating the headline, there are tools such as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help make your event name effective and concise.

Add the location and be sure to specify the address of the event. Adding the location will help populate the event for people to discover if they are in the same geographic area. Don’t forget to set the date and time, it will help send a reminder to people who are interested when the event is approaching. It is also beneficial to add the date, time and time zone in the description.

In addition to your catchy event name, attract people to your event with a cover image. Whether you create your own original image or use a stock photo, images tend to drive higher engagement than a post with plain text.

Choose a category and add a description with keywords. This will help people know what the event is going to be about. The keywords help Facebook know what the event is about and target people based on their interests. Be sure to check your grammar, you want your event description to make sense.

Let people post to your event page giving them the chance to tag friends they know would be interested. It is free marketing for your event. Also, allow your musician or anyone else you are co-hosting with to post in the event. Again, this will give them the opportunity to invite more people and create more excitement around the event.

The Promotion of a Facebook Event

First and foremost, share your event on your page. You should limit posting it to once or twice per week. Make sure you’re not annoying your audience. The promotion period should be about two weeks to at most unless it involves people needing to travel, then allow for more time.

Pin the post to your Facebook page, this means the post will be fixed to the top of your page’s feed. That way the event will be the first thing people will see on your page.

Be sure to link the event to your other social media channels. You may have connections on one platform that you don’t have on others.

If it is within your budget, you also can boost your event on Facebook by:

  • Making a goal
  • Deciding your target audience and location
  • Setting your bid and budget amounts
  • Adding images
  • Posting fun, engaging content to get people excited

Ignite Engagement

Focus on everyone! Promote your event to both new attendees and people who already expressed interest in attending. Keep engaging them with questions about what they are looking forward to or what they might like to see at your event that hasn’t already been stated. Give them a behind the scenes peek of what is going on to lead up to the event. For example, photos of the event space before and partially decorated.

Don’t let people forget why they were interested in your event! Make sure you keep them excited, so they can help build up the hype for your event!

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