Meet The Marlins: Hayden Householder

Hayden Householder is one of the Account Managers at Big Marlin Group and leads the team with wit, charm, and charisma. Come aboard and learn more about Hayden!


What is your professional background?

“I started working for the city of Chandler at 15, and I did marketing work as a Coordinator. For school, I went to Arizona State University, and I started as a Political Science major, then I switched to Communications, then eventually switched to Marketing. “


How did you start at Big Marlin Group?

“About two years ago, I saw a job posting on LinkedIn and it was during the pandemic, so I was excited to see they were hiring. I started as a Content Writer with the intention of becoming the team lead. “


What is your official title at Big Marlin Group today?

“Account Manager.”


What is the best part of your job?

“All the relationships we’ve made with our coworkers.”


What is the most challenging part?

“The most challenging part of the job is adjusting to the client's needs. Every client wants something different, and we want to give them something high-quality and well-performing.”


If someone wanted to be in your role, what kind of advice would you give them?

“Just learn to work with people and be considerate of others’ feelings while also getting the job done.”


What is your favorite BMG or Client Memory you have?

“Getting closer with my coworkers in Cabo is my favorite memory.”


If you want to learn more about Hayden Householder, Big Marlin Group, the culture, or what makes us one of the best digital marketing agencies in the business, contact us today!

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