Meet the Marlins: Abby Stepanek, Account Manager

Abby Stepanek is one of the Account Managers at Big Marlin Group, and on top of always making the team laugh, gives some great advice. Besides always being a shoulder to lean on for the team, as the Big Marlin Builder, Abby develops accounts throughout the onboarding process and helps create strong bonds with our partners. Come aboard and learn more about Abby.


What is your professional background?

“I grew up in Nebraska and went to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I majored in Marketing and Communications, and I completed three internships during my time there. One of them was working for a local Nebraska Ad Agency, and another was in the Marketing Department of Cumulus Media in Kansas City.

Once I graduated, I moved to Arizona with a job offer from Yelp. I began working in Ad Sales at Yelp, and I worked there for about three years before I eventually started at Big Marlin Group as an Account Manager.”


How did you start at Big Marlin Group?

“I had actually found BMG a year and a half before I even left Yelp. I was doing research and identifying how I wanted to move on. I had put Big Marlin Group in my back pocket so that when I felt I had learned all that I could at Yelp, I would be ready for what my next step was.

The thing that I found interesting was that I could tell that BMG wasn’t a “stay in your lane position” as I had already just been in at Yelp for so long. I really wanted the opportunity to learn fast, make an impact, and work in a fast environment while having no limit to what it was I could do.”


What is your official title at Big Marlin Group?

“I am an Account Builder/Manager and a Team Lead.”


What is the best part of your job?

“My job position has recently changed from just being an Account Manager to actually being involved in the sales side as an Account Builder. I still manage and oversee several accounts, but I have been put in a position where I can spend more time with getting new prospects to hop on board with Big Marlin Group and help set the client and our team up for success.

I really enjoy the people side of things and I enjoy getting to know our clients on a deeper level. It helps me with maintaining strong partnerships for the long term. It is second nature for me to go the extra mile in spending time with my clients in order to maintain those relationships, even if it’s something as simple as dropping donuts off in the morning, meeting up for a lunch date every once in a while, or going “Boots on the Ground” and bringing several Marlins to their business to feel closer.”


What is the most challenging part?

“The most challenging part of the job is letting go. What I mean by that is that as Big Marlin Group continues to grow and bring on new Marlins, and as I continue to move up in my career, I am forced to let clients go and put them in new Marlins’ hands. Because I build such strong relationships with my clients, I can tend to become very personally and emotionally attached to them. The good thing is I always know they are in good hands. Our team kicks ass!”

What makes me feel better is that I’m never in a position to completely have to let go. I’m always there as a resource, I’m always checking in, I’m always overseeing performance to ensure [the client] is on the up and up. I know that the Marlins feel they have me to lean on whenever they need.”


If someone wanted to be in your role, what kind of advice would you give them?

“Be honest and be human! The reason why I have gotten to where I have in my career has a lot to do with speaking very honestly with the client. It’s okay to not know the answer right off the bat, it’s okay to come back to something, as long as you are open and honest about every single step that you make.

Not only do clients build trust with you, but your peers build trust with you because they will know you’re someone who is always doing their best and doing honest work. People can feel it and people can sense it and frankly, it makes your job a lot easier when you own up to your mistakes and always make sure that you are coming up with the best solutions for the client based on what YOU truly believe in.”


What is your favorite BMG or Client Memory you want to share?

“My favorite memory so far is when I went to visit my client, Anchor-Ventana Glass in Austin, Texas. I met with Regina, and she took me on a two-day immersion where I got to visit both Commercial and Residential projects during the process.

I was able see what really sets them apart, why people love to work there, and really get to know their business on the inside. It helped me feel that Anchor-Ventana Glass wasn’t just a client anymore, I felt that I truly worked for Anchor-Ventana Glass and continue to feel as though I’m a true partner.


Anything else you want everyone to know about you?

“I’d bet you that I have seen more Rock Concerts live – 80s hair metal in particular – than your dad has ever seen in his life. I’m a concert girl through and through and I will spend my last dollar to make it to a concert any day of the week! 🤘🏽 ”


If you want to learn more about Abby Stepanek, Big Marlin Group, the culture, or what makes us one of the best digital marketing agencies in the business, contact us today!


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