Marketing Advancements You Need to Take Advantage Of

The biggest question for marketers for the new year is what marketing trends will dominate in 2017. With a new year, we can always expect new changes but it’s important to understand how those changes will affect your clients. In the marketing industry, you always need to be on top of these trends to provide more value for your clients. In 2017, we can look forward to the following advancements in how we advertise:

1. Personal and Interactive Content allows for a more focused and professionally designed layout.

This content allows for a more personal experience for viewers and has the opportunity to add more value. Content allows for consumers who are searching for specific products or services to easily find your blog or page directly related to what they are searching for. SEO provides this amazing benefit, which allows your business to properly cater to its current and future customer base. As long as you have SEO set up correctly on each page, blog, or program, consumers will be able to find your business easier.

2. Start exploring Snapchat & Instagram and the many opportunities there are for businesses.

Companies are now using video across all platforms to share new products or a view into the store. This is a perfect way to let people know of a sales promotion you are having as well as any giveaways or contests. It has been reported that two-thirds of videos on Snapchat are watched with the audio ON, while on Facebook a majority of the video ads are viewed with the audio OFF. Another Snapchat option is the Geofilter, which can be local or national, and can be great for promoting events, as you have seen with new movies being released. Along with Instagram, you are able to show off your product or service for others to view. This is a great way to gain new followers and also share what is new in your store.

3. Plan out early on what you want to spend on marketing for the holidays as well as mapping out promotions you may have monthly, semi-annually or yearly.

This will help you schedule out social media posts in advance that go along with new products or sales. To help maximize holiday sales, start planning your marketing strategy as early as possible, as we all know time flies! During the holidays is when businesses focus more and invest heavily in promoting their sales and products. If a business does not maximize their efforts during the holiday season, they may not see the results that they were hoping for and miss forecasted revenue and sales.

4. Brand Well to market to your customers.

Your customers should be able to identify your ads based on color scheme, logo, font, etc. Just think of big brands like Facebook and Coca-Cola that you can immediately identify when you see it. Branding is one of the most important marketing strategies and should be your business’ main focus. The temptation may be to change your branding every time you create a new ad, but that could be confusing and ineffective over the long haul. Your goal should be to show up in expected places, with familiar-looking ads that consistently resonate with your target customers. All in all, brand well and stick to your image to build loyalty.

Is your business is staying up-to-date and recognizing the potential opportunities in the ever-changing marketing world? At Big Marlin Group, we strive to help your business stay ahead and steer you in the right direction when it comes to embracing change. Contact us today to learn more, we always love new challenges!

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