Maintaining Successful Agency-Client Relationships

After working at a marketing agency, account managers learn how to properly stay connected to their clients over the years. When working in retail, the motto we always hear is “the customer is always right”.

In marketing we take a different approach to help a client grow their business. It would be easy for us to say, “the client is always right”, but for us, our job is to help grow your business with the tools and knowledge we have acquired over years of experience. When working with a new agency and entrusting them with your marketing, there are a few ground rules to remember when working with either a new team or account manager.

From day one, you’ll be assigned to work with an Account Manager.

This person will be your key point of contact. He or she will provide you with all the necessary information to keep you not only informed on costs, but also how your campaigns are running.

Open and clear on-boarding process.

Whether you are just working with an agency to have your website re-designed or signed up for a monthly marketing package, make sure you are always informed and kept in the loop. At Big Marlin, we have always make sure that you are informed about every decision and review the marketing material for approval. This open-air policy provides an inside look as to what we are producing, receive feedback on material, and look to you for monthly offers and creative.

Provide a direct line of contact

We always try to be readily available for our clients, and that is why we provide them with our email address and our direct phone number. Last minute marketing materials are needed all of the time, therefore we want to make sure that the line of communication is open. A lot of employees work 9-5, so design pieces may not happen right away if requested after hours.

During our client on-boarding process here at Big Marlin Group, we make sure all of your questions are answered which helps eliminate any surprises, so we can start helping you grow your business. Want to stop by our office to talk about next month’s plan? Come on by! We set up monthly meetings with our clients to give them an insight view on all that have been happening over the past month, what is in store for the next few months, and how we can improve your campaigns.

When looking for the perfect agency to work with, it is important to know that they are working with you and in support of your business.

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