8 Tips to Maximize Your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most valuable social media tools for businesses. Between generating leads, building brand awareness, and establishing strategic partnerships, LinkedIn hosts a variety of valuable assets to build a successful business. Let’s dive into our 10 tips to help maximize your LinkedIn account for marketing.

Define Your Audience and Goals

Growing your network is the most simple and effective way to boost your LinkedIn profile. Before you sync your email or address book and begin to network with people in your industry, you should clearly define your target audience and what your goals are on the platform.

Reaching the right people at the right time, with the right message, is a priceless marketing technique. Luckily with LinkedIn, there are easy ways to filter your searches to reach your target audience.

Company: Who are their other connections and followers? What industry do they work in? What is the company name and size?

Demographics: What are their age and gender?

Education: What is their field of study? What is their degree(s)? What specific school did they attend?

Job Experience: What did they do at their previous job? Did they have seniority? What was the job title? How many years of experience do they have?

All of these categories help your business understand your customer demographics, target a specific audience, and optimize your LinkedIn marketing.

Pictures Matter

While most business profile pictures consist of the company logo, the background photo is the second visual element of your profile. This is a chance to set the context of your brand and show a little more about what matters.

Also, the background photo is a chance to help your page stand out among others, engage, draw in attention, and stay relevant for clients.

Create a Catchy Headline

The headline is an essential part of your profile, to showcase an inside look at your business, employee roles, why you do what you do, and what makes your company different and better than competitors.

Expanding further than just your job title is what makes clients and customers remember you. Stand out amongst the competition by using keywords and key phrases to optimize search optimization.

Spotlight Services You Offer

A new addition on LinkedIn is a feature that allows you to showcase your professional services at the top of your profile. You can select multiple services that your business offers to consumers and clients, helping those who are looking for your services find your business more easily. Choose the most relevant services for your company, and spotlight them at the top of your profile.

Comment More

While it is expected, and smart, to share and promote posts from other businesses or exciting updates and advances in your industry on your feed, this is just the starting point. To maximize relationships even further, it is recommended to add comments to what you share. This gives you the advantage of a greater prominence on the main feed and allows you a space to express why you think the content you share matters.

Commenting allows followers, and potential clients or customers, a way to view your opinions and thought leadership. Just make sure you are commenting in a way that reflects the way you want to represent your business.

Follow Relevant Influencers for the Industry

Influencers have many purposes when it comes to social media. Following relevant influencers within your industry on LinkedIn puts a range of interesting and thought-provoking content in your feed. Research what kind of people are following popular influencers in your field and share and comment on their posts to boost engagement.

Publish Long-Form Content

A beneficial way to use LinkedIn for marketing is to publish long-form content with topics related to your industry. The more you comment and share content, the more you boost your expertise and leadership credentials on LinkedIn.

There are many benefits of long-form content. Long-form content bolsters authenticity and authority, as there is more opportunity to express expertise compared to just a short quote or social post. This type of content also shapes a personal brand and boosts SEO, which can greatly impact how many people reach your page. Long-form content is a way to create thought-provoking questions with your readers, and followers will likely interact through commenting on your posts or sharing.

Check Analytics on Your Page

Checking and analyzing the statistics from your posts and articles can show you what is working and what isn’t on a deeper level. Post analytics are available for 60 days after creation, while article analytics are available for two years from creation.

There is also follower analytics, which are metrics of who is interacting with your page content and updates. Knowing these analytics can help more clearly define your target audience to improve engagement and increase traffic.

Another feature of analytics is visitors who look at your page, but don’t follow you – yet. These analytics are helpful for optimizing social content for engagement and can tell you how much reach your articles and posts have. In addition, if you have promoted content, it is more likely to reach visitor screens.

Overall, LinkedIn is an essential and useful tool for marketers to take advantage of and network on. Following these steps, you can become more aware of your brand outreach, and increase engagement. Follow Big Marlin Group on LinkedIn to see how we put these tips and tricks into action for our page.

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