Instagram Pods: What Are They?

When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, we saw a lot of change early on with a redesign, introducing Instagram stories, notifications when someone screenshots your content, and more. One of the biggest changes we saw, and which scared many users who rely on Instagram, is the algorithm.

This new algorithm changed the chronological order of everyone’s feed and now shares content based upon how much that user likes someone’s content. Instagram explained this new algorithm as “Posts are selected automatically based on things like the people you follow or the posts you like. You may also see video channels, which can include posts from a mixture of hand-picked and automatically sourced accounts based on topics we think you’ll enjoy.”

Luckily, bloggers have found a way to cheat the system and Instagram Pods were born. An Instagram pod is a secret group of bloggers or influencers with the similar goal of ensuring their content is always seen.

Bloggers or other users who are a part of ‘pods’ believe that the more interaction from multiple accounts, it appears higher up in their feed. Therefore, cheating Instagram’s algorithm.

A pod can be anywhere from 15 to 100 Instagrammers who let other members in the pod know about their posts, as well as promising to like and comment on every other member’s accounts which helps promote their visibility.

Can an Instagram Pod Help You Gain Followers?

When you join an Instagram Pod, you will see a rise in followers, likes, and comments to your posts from the members in your pod group. However, the downside of joining an Instagram Pod is that a lot of the times, the engagement that you start to see may not contribute to the success of your blog or business. It’s important to know that after joining a pod, your account will now seem more popular allowing influencers to possibly earn more money from their posts to seeing more interactions with new followers.

Larger Instagram pods can seem like more work than you are looking to put in. To make the most out of a pod, make sure you find one that is suited to your taste for better interaction.

How can I find an Instagram Pod?

If you are active on Twitter and Facebook groups, it’s likely that you’ve seen users post about their pod and asking for members. These are the invitations that you are wanting to look for as they help Instagram users gain followers, likes, and comments. Usually though, Instagram pods are by invitation only or if you have enough of an influence or following, you could create your own Instagram pod. Here are some places to start when trying to find an Instagram Pod:

Pod Rules

With every Instagram Pod that you join, each will have their own set of rules to make it fair for everyone to participate. When in a pod, other members expect you to participate in it as much as they do. One rule of them is all about the comments. When writing comments on posts, make sure that they are more than 4 words, avoid general comments with emoji’s or “love it”. Offer relevant comments to the photos as well as tag the user for a personal touch.

At Big Marlin Group, we help companies build their Instagram following from the ground up and have found proven ways to help you gain the audience you are looking for. Start your Instagram account to and learn more about Instagram pods and how they can take your business to the next level.

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