How To Create A Successful Team

The importance of a fully functioning team cannot be overstated in the value of a business. Beginning with a solid game plan and open communication is a wonderful first step on how to create a successful team. A successful team can mean the difference between reaching a goal and falling short.

Begin with getting to know each other. A successful team also knows how each other functions, communicates and interacts. Getting to know one another and be a great way to increase and improve bonds between the team members.

Create a Healthy Culture

A successful team must have equal and passionate members. The members of the team must want the success of the team as well. This means establishing a culture that encourages growth and ideas, a bit of fun, and hard work. Your brand must promote growth and encourages workers that it is worth fighting for. While also making sure to create an environment that is full of collaboration and rewarding of teamwork.

Make a Solid Plan

Having an organized and strong plan is essential to any success for a brand team. You must delegate and organize responsibilities to successfully implement and reach your plans successfully. Begin with laying out a clear roadmap. Where and what do you want to accomplish? By organizing your strategies from a top-down perspective. Be able to have a clear goal, establish strategies and objectives, and the lower tactics needed to complete them.

Listen to One Another

This part is vital to any team. Knowing how each other communicates and how to conduct healthy and open communication is essential. Another part of vital communication is to be able to listen to one another. Many teams may miss this step. Some take charge and forget to consider the ideas of those with a softer voice. Creating an environment where all the people of the team can speak up with ideas its vital to not missing an idea that just may be useful.

Establish a Consensus of Behavior

For any team, there must be a clear layout of what is expected with each role. Each team member should know their responsibilities and the repercussions of not following them. Each member should care about their own and each other’s work, wanting things to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Newest Team Members


Abby is an Account Manager hired in March at Big Marlin. She is spunky, fun, and takes command of any room that she is in. Originally from Nebraska, she as a love for Old Time Rock n’ Roll, Country Swing Dancing, and a nice cold one! She comes to us from Yelp, bringing a strong emphasis to our clients on reputation and review management. As the life of the party, she works just as hard in her commitment and love for Big Marlin. She is a strong leader and has a drive that both clients and coworkers alike admire. One of our greatest cheerleaders, Big Marlin is lucky to have her.


Cat is a Graphic Designer at Big Marlin. She is creative, caring, and strives to become more and more efficient in design, as talented as she already is. Cat comes from Upstate New York and has recently gotten her degree in Industrial Design. She continues to strive to learn new things and make new ways for Big Marlin to streamline its creative process and become more and more efficient every day.


Madison is another Graphic Design member at Big Marlin. She is driven, smart, and has a talent for music and design. A South Carolina Native she has a passion for the outdoors as well as cooking. She enjoys learning new techniques for design and finds her inspiration from album covers. She is always helping others and taking on any task with stride, she is a vital part of the team.


Haley is the newest addition to the team, joining as an account coordinator and content writer. She has a passion for writing and learning, and an interest in journalism. She received her degree in Public Relations and Advertising bringing in expertise in the creative process and how to build a reputable reputation. Haley is always up for a challenge and brings a fresh perspective to the content team.

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