How Important Are H Tags for SEO?

H Tags are known as heading tags that have a hierarchy rank from <h1> to <h6>. An <h1> tag is the largest font size for a sections header, from there, the ranking of H Tags goes down in font size. These tags should be utilized to break up and structure your content. Usually, an <h1> tag is only used once, as the title of the page. From there the remaining H Tags can be used to separate paragraphs or utilize help quotes stand out.

Proper Use of H Tags

When using H Tags on your website, you should limit <h1> (Header 1 tag) to one per page. This should be utilized for the title of the page, telling readers what the content is about. With WordPress sites, they automatically make the title of the page <h1>, meaning you don’t have to worry about adding that.

The second tag that you should use behind a <h1> is a <h2>. These tags should be used to separate paragraphs and explain the content in that section, but should not be over used. Keep Header 2 tags to a maximum of 4 per page.

Are H2, H3, H4, etc. Headings Important?

The most important H Tag for your page is <h1>. With H1 tags, you only need one, however, with H2, H3, H4 and so on, you can have multiple sub-headings. These sub-headings are a way to organize the content so it is easier for readers to find the paragraph or keywords they are looking for.

How They Affect SEO

When creating <h1> tags to satisfy SEO, make sure you add a proper title with keywords that matches keywords and content on the page. Search Engines like Google scan through the title tag and content on the page, for keyword consistency, indexing, and web page ranking. All of these together are an essential part of SEO and SEO ranking.

We at Big Marlin Group are very careful about the heading styles we choose for SEO for your business. Already work with us? We can show you even more insights into how your digital marketing is performing. Let us know!

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