How Digital Marketing Has Changed Business

Digital marketing has changed and morphed over the years to better suit changing markets and keep with the times. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services over the internet or electronic media. It is the use of online channels to promote your company. Digital marketing has a rich history, only about thirty years old. It is important to understand digital marketing history to understand how it has changed business and will continue too.

History of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed tremendously over the years. The coming of the internet and its development brought the earliest forms of digital marketing. The early 1990s brought the first digital ad opportunities and introduced the business world to this new platform.

During Web 1.0 businesses were less keen to invest in digital marketing efforts. With the introduction of Web 2.0 which allowed for multiple pathways of interaction, now users and businesses could interact.  Digital marketing began to take over with the world wide web growing in popularity. Early examples of advertisements can be found, by the early 2000s the internet was a booming business for advertising and marketing products and services.

The introduction of social media platforms, namely Myspace first, brought a new opportunity to market brands and services. Now, consumers could interact with brand advertisements and even set up avenues to communicate about a brands value and post reviews and interactions with the brand.  Social media platforms grew and along with it new technology and ways to market. Another introduction was the creation of cookies to track and analyze consumer behavior.

Ways digital marketing changed business

Digital marketing has changed business drastically. Digital platforms have now made communication instant, with reviews and brand interaction becoming almost instant. Brands have to market themselves in new and innovative ways to advertise the wide amount of content that exists on the web. Brands must adapt find new ways to stay relevant and current in order to pinpoint and market to their target demographics. With emerging technology brands could better market to their chosen demographics and identify people who were needed.

There are new marketing trends to pay attention too in 2020. Trends are a great way to stay up to date and make sure your brands are growing and staying relevant. Especially in digital marketing technology since it is always changing and improving. Some digital marketing trends to pay attention to are

1) Chatbots- utilized to communicate with customers and enhance productivity

2) Personalization- personalize products and lines to target demographics

3) Video Marketing- live videos on social media platforms, VR 360 experience

4) Influencer Marketing- break into new markets and audiences

5) Google Lens- recognizes objects/landmarks when using camera

6) Voice searches/ smart speakers- optimize for voice search

7) Social commerce- Social media platforms offering in-app purchases of brands

8) Interactive Content- Doing quizzes, polls, interactive videos

9) User-Generated Content- Creating engagement with consumers to create personalized content

10) Improving Analytic Technology- improvement of consumer tracking and channels to manage

11) Neuromarketing- analyzes brain waves and activity to optimize the most engaging

content for certain demographics

At Big Marlin Group we keep up to date in analytics and new trends in the market, giving us the tools to create the best possible marketing plans for your business. Contact us today to discuss how to grow your brand in this digital marketplace.





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