Google Data Studio

One of Google’s newest programs that we have started to utilize in our monthly reporting is Google Data Studio. Although still in beta, Google Data Studio allows companies to create custom reports and visualizations to share.

Google Data Studio connects with your AdWords and Analytics accounts.

According to Google, “Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboard and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions.”

Building the reports are easy to not only create, but to read and review.

Users have the opportunity to present the data in charts, line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and more! It all depends on how you like to view your data. It even allows you to customize the text, colors, and add your logo.

To access Google Dada Studio, you will need to use your Google Analytics/AdWords login information. From there, you’ll follow a few steps to setup your account. Before creating your own reports, look through the given examples and see all that you are able to do.

On the home page of Data Studio, you can either choose Reports or Data Sources. In Data Sources, this is where you will be able to connect Google applications that you can pull data in from. You have the option to choose from AdWords, Cloud SQL, Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and more. By clicking the reports tab, you’ll be able to either start a new report or choose from a list of sample or past reports you have recreated.

Google Data Studio can be used for any company who is looking to see any type of insight into how their campaigns or website is performing.

Want to start seeing insight into your company data along with what changes you can make to improve your results? At Big Marlin Group, we are all about data insights and what we can do to improve them. Let us help you improve your business! Already work with us? We can show you even more insights into how your digital marketing is performing. Let us know!

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