Facebook Canvas Ads

From likes to traffic campaigns to promoting events, Facebook advertising have several different ways that you can advertise to your target audience. Another exciting way to advertise on Facebook is through Canvas Ads. These ads will give your audience a new experience to see your product or service. Canvas Ads allow you to upload engaging videos and photos that allows viewers to scroll through, grabbing their attention with imagery and video.

Who Can Use Canvas Ads?

Canvas Ads are available to any type of business that would like to showcase their products or services using imagery or video. This type of ad only requires your creativity to use videos and images that will help grab the attention of your audience. It is easy to create and customize to your products or services. It is designed to have a fast loading time, so you don’t have to worry about your video being left behind.

How Can I Customize It?

Facebook’s Canvas Ads come with templates that anyone can use for an easy upload or you can build a canvas ad from scratch. When you start creating your canvas ad on Facebook, you have three template options to choose from. Since these templates are pre-built, all you must do is add your own content. Your three options are:

  • Get New Customers: Drive traffic to a landing page to create conversions
  • Showcase Your Business: Have your audience engage and explore your brand, product, or service
  • Sell Products: Let potential & current customers shop for your products and services right from their mobile device

Why Would I Use Canvas Ads?

The best outcomes for Canvas Ads happen when there is a call to action or click capabilities for those who are interested to drive awareness towards your brand, products, and services. Creating a memorable story for users will help you reach your marketing goals, no matter what your goal is! Canvas Ads are another creative way to get your business name and brand out there for people to remember.

To walk through a webinar on how to start building Canvas Ads, Facebook recently had a webinar that can show you how to do just that.  Interested in other Facebook marketing or advertising? Big Marlin Group has extensive experience with most social media platforms and would love to work with you to help you increase your customer engagement and brand awareness. Call us at (480) 381-1154 to learn more!

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