Examples of Clever Marketing

Clever Marketing is a way to be innovative and creative with branding your company. Clever marketing comes in a variety of forms. Looking at various examples can be a great way to inspire you and your team to step outside the box when it comes to marketing strategy. Clever marketing can reach current customers in new and innovative ways, while also breaking into new audiences and communicating your brand identity.

Creative Meeting

Begin with a creative meeting. This is the time to get all those crazy and wild ideas out on the table. This is also the time to meet in your war room and begin to conceptualize a marketing campaign perfect for your business and sure to be popular. It's important to pay attention to current trends, your target audience or market, and the niche your company should fall into, as set you apart from the competition. Push your marketing outside the box by committing to your identity and find new ways of presenting your brand

Consider the Medium

This is also a critical ingredient in making memorable and clever marketing campaigns. A campaign that is completely digital may not have the same impact as a paper campaign. A clever campaign perfect for Twitter may perform differently when optimized for Facebook. Consider looking at your target audience and analyze your data to figure out the most popular mediums and craft your concepts to serve on them.

Use What’s Available

Sometimes we need inspiration. Some of the most popular and clever marketing comes with utilizing current trends and marrying them with your brand name. There are great examples of groups on Facebook who follow and post clever marketing to share and inspire.

One tactic companies use is jumping on popular Internet trends by twisting and customizing them to fit their brand. For instance, when the black and blue versus white and gold dress controversy broke many companies jumped on the trend. It’s important to stay current and be a part of the conversation from the beginning.

Inspire Creativity with a Contest

At Big Marlin we encourage our team to get creative and identify clever marketing trends and examples to implement for or clients. As a team, every Monday we discuss an example of clever marketing while holding a month-long contest to see who can find the most clever and engaging marketing examples. This helps keep us on our toes, so we are constantly at the forefront of competitive marketing ideas for our clients. Try implementing this tactic with your team. Look at how competitors are staying current and get inspired for your next marketing campaign.

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