Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Direct mail has been used as a form of advertising for many years and with the rise of the digital age, marketers have not seen a decline in this effective tool. If you think about one of the first things that you do when you get home from work, it is usually checking the mailbox. Searching through each piece of mail as if they are looking to receive something important, like bills.

1. Personal

Add a personal touch to your direct mail by customizing each mail piece with the customer’s name. Make it personal to what the customer has shopped for or may be interested in. By adding this personal touch, customers are more likely to engage and act upon the offer or visit your company’s website.

2. Targeted

With some of our clients here at Big Marlin Group, we target new customers for companies, like Arizona Painting Company, by sending out direct mail to neighbors in a surrounding area when a house gets painted by them. This piece of mail lets them know that they can check out the work Arizona Painting Company did in their neighborhood as well as being an approved painting company if there is an HOA. You can also target people within a certain radius of your business, and previous or current customers.

3. Tangible

One of the first things people do when they get home from work, is check their mail. They look for bills and cards from families which means they sift through each piece to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Because of this, your mailing piece is more likely to be seen by your target audience because they are touching it and they can clearly see what the offer or company is at a quick glance.

4. Cost Effective

By using your own computer to design eye-catching postcards or hiring an expert that is very efficient, any company can create an affordable piece to send out to potential consumers. As a marketing company, we purchase lists of data that share with us the mailing information of the specific area you want to target with your direct mail. From there, you can determine how many pieces you want to send out and potentially increase the quantity for the future mail drop if you are seeing results.

5. Measurable

One of the ways to see if your direct mail is effective and working is by measuring and tracking. This can be through specific coupons, URLs or call tracking numbers. By adding specific details to the mailing piece that are different than other marketing pieces, you can easily track how well that direct mail is doing without any additional hard work. At Big Marlin Group, we are all about being able to measure how your advertising money is being spent and if it is working.

Take advantage of this iconic advertising channel by trying out direct mail for your company. You’ll be impressed by the outcome you receive as well as being able to effectively track how it is doing. Every month, Big Marlin Group sends out hundreds of direct mail pieces for ourselves and our clients to attract new and existing customers. Contact us today (480) 381-1154 to find out more about how Big Marlin Group can help you have a successful direct mailing campaign.

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