Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

Most companies have established their business across all social media platforms. However, many do not automate or keep their page up to date with the latest information about their company and products or services. Social media is there for businesses to create relationships, drive awareness and increase sales all by promoting their products and services. Unfortunately, there are ways that social media can hurt your business.

Focus On Your Goals

When creating your social media page, you must know what you are using it for. You can use it for brand awareness, let people know what your company is working on, or to drive traffic to your website.  At Big Marlin Group, we share updates of the success of our employees and clients, share our blogs as well as engaging with our followers. Make sure your social media is focused on your goals. The importance of this is to target what you posting and who you are posting to.

Look for Customer Engagement

With every post you add or share, one of the things you should always look for is customer engagement on those posts. Check back each day on any posts or notifications to see if any of your followers have posted on anything. If they are commenting, respond accordingly to each follower. Also, take the time to see how each post is doing. Look at if they are receiving likes, comments, shares as well as if you are gaining new followers or if they are leaving.

Know Your Audience

If deciding what social media platforms your company should be present on, it is important to see who you are targeting since there are so many platforms. After knowing who your audience is, check out what platforms your competitors are on, what type of content you are putting out there, and decide how often you want to post. Consistently posting on your business’ social media platforms is key for brand awareness and creating customer engagement.

Offer your audience exclusive promotions and discounts on your products just for engaging with you. This will give them the need and want to keep following on platforms to find exclusive offers. Instagram has specific buttons you can have on your profile that will give followers a direct link to your website or even directions to your store.

Get Started Today

Start your social media presence today with the help from Big Marlin Group. We can create and guide you on a path that will lead you to social media success. We have experience starting social media accounts from the start and having them grow followers through paid and organic leads.

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