Whitfill Nursery is a family owned and operated nursery with three locations around the Phoenix Valley. They house a variety of home and garden products perfect for our desert climate and landscape including citrus trees, flowers, palm and shrubs.

For over six decades, Whitfill Nursery has catered to the many seasonal plants and trees that the Arizona climate allows. They have plenty of resources at Whitfill for plant and tree selection, maintenance tips and design options. With over 60 years of business in Arizona, we are the experts in growing tree and shrubs in the hot Arizona weather. A landscape architect will help create plans and give landscape preferences as well as help with delivery and installation of your tree, flowers, or shrub.

We help take out the fear of planning your landscape with our design services. We offer a variety of citrus trees and tips to help keep them alive and thriving with their fruits. For over 60 years, Whitfill Nursery has been serving valley neighborhoods. We consider it a privilege and are grateful to our long term customers. Worth the drive from anywhere, stop in any one of our garden nurseries and experience the difference.