As the Valley’s trusted HVAC service provider, Temperature Pro has been used for many Phoenix home and business owners. Our technicians have extensive experience installing, repairing and maintaining all kinds of heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems, and we’ll bring our commitment to excellent service to your home as well. Our products and services will keep you comfortable no matter how hot the Phoenix summer gets.

At TemperaturePro, we specialize in new system design and installation. We’ll run a range of load and heat loss calculations, accounting for your home’s layout, insulation, square footage and other environmental factors, to determine exactly how much heating or cooling power you need. Improper sizing is one of the most common causes of HVAC issues down the road, and we’ll head off those issues from the very beginning. Our team will work diligently to get your new system up and running in your home so that it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

The Phoenix area’s hot climate can put a great deal of strain on your cooling systems in particular, and ongoing maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep them in good working order. With a service agreement from TemperaturePro, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is in good shape. Our technicians will clean up any emerging issues before they can become big problems and adjust your system’s calibration to cut energy usage without sacrificing comfort.