The group has performed in Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and ten European countries, as well as many cities in the United States, including Honolulu. In 1964, the group was given the designation “Arizona Cowboy Ambassadors” by then governor Paul Fannin.

During its history, the group has received countless other acknowledgements and awards, and the roster of members has numbered well over a thousand since the group’s humble beginnings at the close of 1929.

But the story of OMC goes beyond these facts to the hearts, souls, and voices of the members and directors who have been part of Orpheus over the years. Like in the Greek myth of Orpheus who sang and played so beautifully that he could charm the demons of the underworld, the story of Orpheus lies in the deep felt passion for music and art found in the hearts of these men as well as in the enthusiastic response they have received from their audiences for three quarters of a century. This, indeed, is the true story of the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix.