Our family had just finished our will & trust, and were looking for guidance when we asked our attorney, “what’s next”? The answers we received were the norm.

Give a copy to him, one or two to people we love and put another copy in a safe or safety deposit box. To be honest, we were a bit taken aback. None of these options seemed foolproof and left large holes for problems in what was supposed guarantee our family’s security once we had passed on.

Your most sensitive documents can now be stored digitally & shared with the appropriate parties. When you become disabled or deceased, we will make sure your wishes are accessible to the authorized executors with the click of a button so they can act on your behalf immediately. At DocumentTrunk we believe in doing one thing great, store and distribute important documents. To that end we have made it our mission to find and partner with quality individuals in the areas we don’t specialize in. Those affiliate industries include legal, estate planning, document preparation, life insurance and real estate.