Each Program Guide and/or Prozine is carefully plotted and constructed according to the association and YMCA branch specifications. The Big Marlin Group designers take the time to carefully process and flow the approved content from each YMCA branch into the appropriate production applications.

Big Marlin has years of experience in delivering strategic creative services and provide an opportunity for YMCA’s to create engaging and visually pleasing marketing materials. Whether your looking for captivating images, or you want to produce a powerful marketing campaign through multi-channel advertisements, whyMarlin has both the experience, as well as the creative touch to set your organization apart.


Big Marlin needed to work with the YMCA of Greater Williamson County to provide a smooth production process of the Program Guide, from start to finish. With so many individual moving parts, having the ability to keep things organized and on track throughout the entire process is paramount to successful distribution.


Big Marlin was able to fully coordinate and control all aspects of the YMCA of Greater Williamson County’s Program Guide in all areas. Big Marlin owns and manages its own in-house mailing service, which means that every detail, including office and branch copies are managed by us.

From printing to mailing, to distribution, we were able to obtain successful results for our YMCA Partner by staying on top of every aspect of the project. With Big Marlin, you can have complete confidence that your Association’s Program Guides will reach your targeted audience, drive results for you Association, and meet all of your strategic marketing goals.