As the largest provider of Botox Cosmetic in the West, the Derma Health Institute makes it their goal to help their clients look and feel their best, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.


We view every client as a partner – their success has been our success. When BMG and Derma Health partnered 11 years ago, the goal was to reduce the cost per lead (CPL) and increase the number of leads in a highly competitive market. It was crucial that we implement proper tracking and reporting to show a measurable decrease in the CPL, while also implementing a unique marketing mix to drive qualified leads.


With our background in traditional and digital marketing, we’ve had the opportunity to support Derma Health from inception with one location to five locations valley wide. We’ve seen a sustained, upward trend in year over year revenue growth, new patient growth and retaining existing customers as they follow them on their beauty journey.