As the company name, Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery, has been through different ownership over the years, its current ownership under Dr. Reza Rod has created a brand of its own. Dr. Rob brings years of experience in plastic surgery, which has allowed the company to differentiate themselves by offering a specialty type of liposuction as well as many other services that make them competitive in the market.


Dermacare partnered with BMG to rebrand the company and build an industry leading digital platform. BMG’s main goal was to design a website that attracted customers to their products and services while creating a center for all media channels to tie back too, which led to a cohesive branding strategy on all platforms. After the launch, BMG focused on creating traditional and digital marketing campaigns through platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook marketing and advertisements, content marketing, and print and email marketing.


The results following the website rebuild almost immediately increased Dermacare’s brand awareness and visibility in the market. There was a significant increase in page views which led to a considerable decrease in the bounce rate. We took Dermacare’s static website and created a responsive and globally ranked website. Creating a cohesive branding strategy allowed for the opportunity of an increase in leads and consultations for Dermacare.