Matthew Lopez first approached Big Marlin Group as a referral from another customer. His main goal was to increase awareness of his firm in the community to ultimately drive new clients and improve his web ranking through SEO. After engaging with an SEO firm and seeing limited results, Mathew Lopez decided to partner with Big Marlin Group to implement an integrated marketing approach, create a measurable impact for his business, and create an enhanced user experience on his website.


After our onboarding meeting to better understand Matt’s business and create specific strategic goals, BMG performed a website analysis in order to see what MLL’s digital footprint looked like. We soon discovered that Matt’s website had been blacklisted and was suffering in a number of other ways. As a result, BMG recommended that Matt restructure his website through a new website build prior to investing funds into additional marketing channels. After the launch, BMG launched Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, content marketing, social media marketing, and print/digital campaigns to drive leads that would ultimately accomplish MLL’s strategic and marketing goals.


The results following the website rebuild were almost immediate. Over the past six months, we’ve seen one of the greatest improvements we’ve ever seen and it reiterates why site structure, proper web maintenance and an integrated marketing approach are crucial to success. Prior to the restructure, Matthew Lopez Law’s website had a high bounce rate with visitors only viewing a limited number of pages per session. Since then, MLL has decreased his bounce rate substantially to the single digits and the average visitor views more pages per session.