Freestone is more than just a standard gym, offering racquetball courts, group fitness rooms, rock climbing walls, sauna/steam rooms and even multi-purpose rooms. Their goal is to represent a feeling of home for children, families, teenagers, seniors and everyone in between.


Freestone Recreation Center wanted to be known as the local, family go-to center for all fitness and recreation needs. They struggled with creating an impactful and recognizable brand, allowing them to become more visible within the community. BMG suggested that the company create an impactful, living brand to help with awareness and to build a marketing campaign that portrayed the brand and strategic business goals, all while having a consistent look and feel across all marketing channels.


Freestone Recreation Center was able to turn their threats into opportunities as they increased program participation, member retention as well as their awareness in the community. BMG focused on creating an impactful brand through our creative, content, social media channels as well as through signage and other brand recognition efforts. BMG also improved member retention by building campaigns to educate existing members of Freestone’s value proposition. As a result, Freestone is about to break their all-time revenue goal for a fiscal year.