Industry Expertise

Using the Algorithm to Increase Engagement

In the math and programming world, the word algorithm is familiar and used for nearly everything. In computing, an algorithm is the list of instructions and rules that a computer needs to do to complete a task. In a general sense, an algorithm is how a set of facts is transformed into useful information. Now…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Jamie Hein, VP of Business Development

Jamie Hein has been with the Big Marlin Group since the beginning. As the Vice President of Business Development, Jamie works to grow the success of both our partners and the Big Marlin team. With her plate full of teaching, coaching, leading meetings, managing accounts, and giving advice, Jamie never has a dull moment at…

Industry Expertise

8 Tips to Maximize Your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most valuable social media tools for businesses. Between generating leads, building brand awareness, and establishing strategic partnerships, LinkedIn hosts a variety of valuable assets to build a successful business. Let’s dive into our 10 tips to help maximize your LinkedIn account for marketing. Define Your Audience and Goals Growing…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: John Allen, General Manager

John Allen has been with Big Marlin Group since the beginning. As our General Manager, John takes an active involvement in the day-to-day happenings around the office. With a firm belief in quality customer service, John is always willing to go above and beyond for not only our clients but also for all of the…

Industry Expertise

Marketing to Millennials

Did you know that millennials make up the largest living generation? Millennials, who we define as being born between 1981 and 1996, have many defining characteristics and are more committed to implanting Sustainable Development Goals, including equality, climate change, peace, justice, poverty, and prosperity.  Therefore, they tend to care more about meaningful values and good…

Industry Expertise

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Terms You Should Know  

Did you know almost half of the world’s population is now on social media?  Because of this, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are great ways to find new customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, the various acronyms and jargon could be confusing…

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