Brand Strategy 101.

Or event yet, noticed that your marketing pieces don’t coincide with another and don’t fully represent who you are and what you do. Before we get into the building blocks of branding. Let’s first discuss what brand strategy is and why it is important. What is Brand Strategy? Creating a brand strategy for your company… Read More

The Truth About Buying Facebook Likes.

Whether your Facebook business account is new or old, we are here to tell you why you should not buy Facebook Likes. Every business account on Facebook wants to have thousands of likes to out do your competitors and to show others that your business is not only legit, but that it is thriving. Many… Read More

Develop A Marketing Budget.

You can either low-ball a number to spend, or strategically measure out a budget based on data. If you don’t add enough into your budget, you could be faced with missed opportunities and underperform and not meet your goals. If you are a new company, choosing a budget can be more difficult as you are… Read More

6 Ways To Market Your Blog Posts.

So you write blogs for your business with the best possible content to attract your followers, but you notice that you aren’t getting any response back from them. Marketing your blogs can be one of the best and cheapest things you could do for your company. The question everyone asks is, “how do I get… Read More

Instagram Pods: What Are They? .

When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, we saw a lot of change early on with a redesign, introducing Instagram stories, notifications when someone screenshots your content, and more. One of the biggest changes we saw, and which scared many users who rely on Instagram, is the algorithm. This new algorithm changed the chronological order of… Read More

Tips To Having A Successful Instagram Contest.

No matter what your contest prize is, it is important to get the word out there! Your followers already love your brand and contests are the perfect way to reach even more followers who maybe didn’t know about you. With all of the Instagram contests that we have seen, we have discovered some of the… Read More

Blog SEO Tips.

If you’ve been writing content for a while you can go back to old posts and update them with fresh and relevant content as well as have SEO attached to them. By doing this, you are re-submitting them to be indexed by Google. Keywords The importance of keywords spaced out in your blogs is one… Read More


Tips for a Successful Blog.

As a marketing agency, we deliver topics that relate to helping your business grow their marketing efforts as well as give inside tips as to how to use specific programs such as Google AdWords and how to create a successful landing page. Developing a good and concise blog page takes time, but by writing content… Read More

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Types of Blog Posts.

Whatever blog style you decide to use make sure that it is informative and engaging enough so that your readers return to your website. Experiment with every type of blog style so you can learn what your viewers are interested in seeing.   Book Club A lot of people love to read books and listen… Read More

facebook canvas ads

Facebook Canvas Ads.

Another exciting way to advertise on Facebook is through Canvas Ads. These ads will give your audience a new experience to see your product or service. Canvas Ads allow you to upload engaging videos and photos that allows viewers to scroll through, grabbing their attention with imagery and video. Who Can Use Canvas Ads? Canvas… Read More