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How to Create Engaging Content

Anyone can produce content, but engaging content needs to have a purpose in order to be effective. By establishing the goals of your content marketing strategy before putting pen to paper, you can ensure that your content stays focused. First, consider your audience. What are they interested in and what types of content do they…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Melissa Miller, Office Manager

Have you ever wondered who is the brains behind Daily Marlin Fun, birthday and event planning, Theme Days, the 12 Days of Christmas, and more? Meet our Office Manager, Melissa! What is your experience and background? “I have been with Big Marlin Group since the beginning, and I worked with John, Jamie, Derek, and Ted…

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How to Answer 6 Common Interview Questions

For most of 2021, the job market has continued to grow. Due to the sudden shutdown within the job market and beyond in 2020, both employees and employers have been forced to adapt to new technologies and ways of doing business. But that hasn’t been much of a deterrent, because in 2021 both wages and…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Derek Watkins, VP of Product Development

Like Jamie and John, Derek has been on the Big Marlin ship since it took sail. As the Vice President of Product Development, Derek has over 25 years of advertising, marketing, and technical experience. He is educated in both fine art and business marketing, and those two fields combine to make him the perfect Product…

Industry Expertise

Using the Algorithm to Increase Engagement

In the math and programming world, the word algorithm is familiar and used for nearly everything. In computing, an algorithm is the list of instructions and rules that a computer needs to do to complete a task. In a general sense, an algorithm is how a set of facts is transformed into useful information. Now…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Jamie Hein, VP of Business Development

Jamie Hein has been with the Big Marlin Group since the beginning. As the Vice President of Business Development, Jamie works to grow the success of both our partners and the Big Marlin team. With her plate full of teaching, coaching, leading meetings, managing accounts, and giving advice, Jamie never has a dull moment at…

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