2018 Changes in Social Media

It is no secret that digital tools and devices are constantly changing, and that means constant updates to apps. That is why it is critical for business owners and content creators to stay up to date with the latest adjustments.

Success at Lakeland Hills Family YMCA

Big Marlin Group partnered up with Lakeland Hills Family YMCA in 2016 to create a powerful digital experience for YMCA Members and Non-Members. Suzanne Mantuano, Information & Technology Director, was kind enough to share her BMG journey.

Food Industry Marketing

The ways of food and beverage marketing have drastically changed since the release of the Chef Boyardee commercial. Today, we are seeing things work that we’d never thought appropriate and using tools we would never have imagined.

How Important Are H Tags for SEO?

H Tags are known as heading tags that have a hierarchy rank from H1 to H6. A H1 tag is the largest font size for a sections header, from there, the ranking of H Tags goes down in font size.

How to Determine If Your In-House Marketing is Failing

Is your investment money proving to be its worth? It can be difficult to measure the success of your business’s marketing department numerically. So how can you tell? 

2018 Marketing Trends

Using the analysis of last year’s metrics, marketers have been able to determine what is going to work for business marketing and what won’t in 2018.

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