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Meet the Marlins: Kelly Forystek

What is your professional background? Big Marlin Group was my first big girl job but in college I was always kind of working in marketing within some aspect whether that was doing some small tasks for my college’s D1 hockey team or working in the marketing department for the school’s geography department. I always knew…

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Top Marketing Trends of 2022, and What to Expect in 2023

Marketing is an ever-changing industry and keeping up with the change can be intimidating. But to stay current with the fast-paced world, as well as maintain relevance with your audience, it’s essential to research the trends. We’ve put together a list of five marketing trends that evolved in 2022, and also what to keep up…

Agency Culture

Meet The Marlins: Hayden Householder

Hayden Householder is one of the Account Managers at Big Marlin Group and leads the team with wit, charm, and charisma. Come aboard and learn more about Hayden!   What is your professional background? “I started working for the city of Chandler at 15, and I did marketing work as a Coordinator. For school, I…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Abby Stepanek, Account Manager

Abby Stepanek is one of the Account Managers at Big Marlin Group, and on top of always making the team laugh, gives some great advice. Besides always being a shoulder to lean on for the team, as the Big Marlin Builder, Abby develops accounts throughout the onboarding process and helps create strong bonds with our…

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8 Best Podcasts for Marketing

Podcasts serve as an efficient, effective resource to gain insights into the realm of marketing and its many subcategories. Listeners learn about unique topics directly from expert marketers. In addition, podcasts allow for leisurely multitasking on any day at any time – while working, doing laundry, or even driving. What’s more, listening to podcasts positively…

Agency Culture

Meet the Marlins: Leslie Lau, Account Manager

Leslie Lau is one of our Account Managers at Big Marlin Group, and she is best known for being the queen of Teamwork, our project management site, and having the best shoe game in the office. But as an Account Manager, Leslie spends a lot of time in meetings, speaking to clients, and leading and…

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