Best Tips For Updating a Website

Updating your website is crucial to staying relevant and ensuring that your website registers as a popular and sought-after search. A good website is the epicenter of where your customers get to know your products, services, and your company`s identity. On the web, your brand can differentiate itself from others like them. Updating your pages, content, and even images is crucial to staying fresh and intriguing to your audience.

Do Your Research

It's crucial to research and review your competitor’s websites. This can give you pointers and ideas on how to construct a successful brand around your product or service. Look at the style, layout, and even brand imagery and how it compares to yours. How do they interact with their customers and layout the information?

Web Review

Begin with a web review of sorts. This is when you will go through your entire website and pinpoint where updates are needed. However, it is always good to go through and make constant updates improving SEO. Start with the design of your website. Does it seem outdated, is the layout off, are pictures centered and formatted correctly? Look over the pictures a well, are they high quality and current?

Next check the website content and links. Look into if there are any broken links, grammar errors, or obvious issues. These issues may be hidden or fairly obvious. Issues like this may communicate that your brand is not professional and detail-oriented.

Look At The Data

Looking at your website's data is crucial to checking performance. Using different platforms for analytics can help you track things like load speeds, page views, time on page, clicks, conversions and more! This is a great way to track how your website is performing. Here is where you can conduct different testing like A/B testing to make changes and see how your customer reacts.

Create Something New

Creating new content, whether that is copy, videos, images or more is essential to staying relevant and exciting. Your customer would much rather have new content to look at on a monthly basis than no updates to your website. When making new content consider who your target audience is and what they want to see. How will you attract the right consumers? Be sure to include action items on your website so that your audience is engaging with your brand. Adding a variety of multimedia elements will keep engagement and communicate that you`re are on top of new and innovative ideas.

Start a Checklist

One thing we do at Big Marlin to ensure that all the websites we serve are up to date is a weekly checklist of our quality control. We have multiple steps to check off including checking the homepage, the sliders, and modifications. All the internal and external links. As well as if the information in the site matches current campaigns. Checking the call to action links as well as the maps and calendars and event he dates. Creating a specific checklist for your website is important to maintaining and constantly updating your website. At Big Marlin, we have an entire web team dedicated to all of your online needs.

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