8 Best Podcasts for Marketing

Podcasts serve as an efficient, effective resource to gain insights into the realm of marketing and its many subcategories. Listeners learn about unique topics directly from expert marketers. In addition, podcasts allow for leisurely multitasking on any day at any time – while working, doing laundry, or even driving.

What’s more, listening to podcasts positively impacts the brain by reducing stress, improving focus and comprehension, boosting mood, and encouraging imagination!

Now that we’ve got you hooked on WHY you should listen, here are Big Marlin’s team favorites.

This Old Marketing

In their podcast, This Old Marketing, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose discuss marketing trends in media, content, digital, and more. They offer actionable tips and to-do list items for marketers and businesses to implement in their strategy. Each podcast features a discussion of current marketing headlines alongside entertaining rants from the hosts.

Secret Sauce

What is the difference between companies that succeed and those that fail? It’s the presence (or lack thereof) of a secret sauce. Hosted by Samuel Donner and John Frye, Secret Sauce takes listeners behind the scenes of the most innovative leaders and trailblazing companies. From Jony Ive to Warren Buffett, discover foolproof recipes to get to the top.

Perpetual Traffic Podcast

Perpetual Traffic Podcast is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to grow and strengthen their digital strategy. This weekly podcast produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam reveals cutting-edge strategies for obtaining leads and sales through paid traffic. Learn about performance metrics, digital platforms, strategy, and more!

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Calling all creatives! Producing unique marketing material through creative graphic design helps to launch above competitors and capture audiences. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is hosted by a team of creative professionals – Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson. Tune in to uncover unique inspiration and uncommon perspectives through interviews, discussions, and lessons.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Let’s be honest. Marketers often get a bad rapport for doing whatever it takes to influence sales and bring in revenue. However, as it turns out, a more genuine, no-fluff marketing strategy often proves superior and builds stronger relationships with consumers. In Everyone Hates Marketers, Louis Grenier and guests delve into actionable marketing items to stand out without losing authenticity.

The Science of Social Media

The rules of social media marketing are ever-changing, and it can be hard to stay on top of the waves. In this podcast series hosted by Buffer, The Science of Social Media shares current best practices from top social media marketing experts. The buffer team answers questions asked by listeners and explores strategies and tactics. Add this podcast to your playlist if you manage social media pages.

The Copyblogger Podcast

Writer’s block is real which poses a challenge when writing copy for websites, social media, emails, and more. The Copyblogger Podcast, hosted by Tim Stoddart and Ethan Brooks, uncovers insights directly from copywriting experts. Listen in on discussions analyzing content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.

Marketing Scoop Podcast 

If you’re in marketing, then you’ve probably heard of SEMrush. In addition to providing data and SEO tools for businesses, SEMrush also produces Marketing Scoop Podcast. Learn about marketing growth through evidence-based case studies and stories. Marketing Scoop Podcast delves into many global brands including Google, IKEA, Uber, and more. This podcast is your one-stop source for the most impactful industry news and trends.

At Big Marlin Group, we are well-equipped with knowledge and expertise in advertising, and we’re happy to share our insights. If you are interested in customized solutions for your unique business and marketing challenges, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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