6 Tips for SEO

We could go on all day about the importance of having search engine optimization (SEO) on your website. One significant outcome to having proper SEO placed your website is to make sure that your content is visible in organic searches.

Search engines rely on the relevance and importance of the search terms as well as the reactions people have towards it. A great way to start getting your content out there and available is to share and talk about it.

Here are six SEO tips to help you get there:

1. Website Builders

We are in a technology age where website builders including Squarespace, WordPress and Weebly offer a simpler way to complete SEO yourself! To use any of these builders you should have some knowledge of how these platforms work before adding plugins. Each website builder has specific areas designated for each part of the SEO as well as an overall score to let you know how you rank. It is important to remember that how you structure your business website can actually make a significant difference.

2. Title Tag

When writing an effective title tag, you want to make sure you correctly and clearly identify the meaning of the document. This allows for both a positive user experience and results for SEO. Along with having a clear title tag, using keywords that consumers will search will help identify and have your article/content stand out in the millions of search results. It is important to remember that with all SEO builders, there is a limited character amount for title tags.

3. Meta Descriptions

Similar to title tags, meta descriptions give you the opportunity to advertise content to searchers and let them know exactly whether the given page is what they were searching for. When written to attract customers, meta descriptions can allow for a higher click-through rate. Generally, these descriptions are two short sentences or between 150-160 characters. For better results, the meta description should contain keywords used in the title tag.

4. Unique Titles

When creating a well-designed website or a new page of content, remember to keep page titles as unique as possible and avoid duplicate titles. By distinguishing different pages of content you are allowing for users to quickly identify which pages are relevant to them.

5. Keyword Frequency

Google looks at the number of times a keyword appears in your page’s content. Using keywords at least a few times in the body of your content will help identify and show your content over other content that doesn’t have the keywords the user is searching.

6. Readable URL

Users should be able to read and understand the URL that they are clicking on. If the user doesn’t understand the URL, search engines may not be able to as well. Your URL should be straightforward and meaningful in order to have a SEO-friendly site URL structure.

Once you have created content with an SEO title for people to find, you want to show off your work and publish it across social media. This will get people talking and be able to direct them to your website to learn more. At Big Marlin Group, we specialize in creating content that will help your SEO score. Contact us today, we are here to answer your questions!

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