50 Ideas to Post on Your Social Media

It can be very easy to run out of social media topics to post daily... Luckily, we have you covered and you’ll never run out of ideas, at least not anytime soon! No matter what type of business you own, it is always important to constantly post on all your social media platforms. Here are a few ideas to get that creativity flowing:

  1. Promote your company: Although it is always important to share your products and services, you want to first build trust and relationships as an expert in your industry.
  2. Commercial: During big sporting events, the commercials usually take the highlight. If there is a commercial that stands out to you and your followers, repost it and share why you liked or disliked it.
  3. Industry predictions: Before the new year, businesses state what may happen in their industry in the new year. This is your chance to share what you believe is in store for your industry.
  4. Promote an event: Your company may attend one or more events a year to either promote or learn more about your industry. This is an opportunity to do a live video or share your takeaways from the event.
  5. Graphs or Charts: Charts or graphs can feature information that is relevant to your audience, but this can also shed some light on your company too.
  6. Share reviews: Reviews can make or break your company, but it is important to respond to all reviews, especially on Facebook. This will help ease potential concerns that new customers may have.
  7. FAQ Answers: If you receive a lot of the same questions, you can answer those on your social media platforms.
  8. Share updates: Your employees are what make your company special. You can post their birthday or special achievements, such as work anniversaries or new clients.
  9. Live Q&A: Answer follower questions by live streaming the session across all platforms.
  10. Quora: This site has relevant questions pertaining your industry that can be answered on your social media.
  11. Responding: Take the time to see who is responding to your pictures or posts, and respond to any questions or comments about your company.
  12. Promote Blog: No matter how often you write a blog, it is important to get it out there across every platform. Choose a snippet from the content to catch the reader’s attention.
  13. Share Pictures: This is a great way to show people your company culture and what your company is doing. Sharing pictures with hashtags from any event or company outing is a plus too.
  14. Thanking followers: Just by saying ‘Thank You’ can build a stronger relationship with your followers.
  15. Demos of Your Product: By showing how your product works, you are building trust with people interested in your product.
  16. Employee Spotlight: Share with followers who they will be working with.
  17. Blast from the Past: Share past photos about how your company started and what your website looked like.
  18. Pinterest: This is another platform your company should be on. Share with your followers a Pinterest board you have created.
  19. Feedback: See what your customers like and don’t like.
  20. Meme: Make your customers laugh with a funny Meme to start their morning. The best is when they relate to your industry.
  21. Photo contest: Have your followers submit photos and choose a winner! Incentives always help to get the audience engaged.
  22. Holidays: Wish your followers a happy holiday no matter what they celebrate.
  23. Hours and Closings: Let your followers know if you are closed certain days and when you will return.
  24. Get inspired: Follow your competitors and a variety of news sources to find new images and articles to share.
  25. Case Study: Share the update on how your company helped a client and what actions you took to get there.
  26. Resources: Direct followers to useful resources that can guide them in making the correct decision.
  27. Share photos: See if your followers are tagging you in their posts and repost them to share with everyone.
  28. A Day in the Life: Share what a typical day looks like for someone in your industry.
  29. Health Tips: Recipes and exercises are great to share as this is a never-ending topic.
  30. Quotes: Bring some light and happiness into your posts by posting motivational and humorous quotes.
  31. Fill-in-the-blank: Create posts that allow your audience to respond.
  32. Polls: Find out what your audience likes by building polls to create engagement.
  33. Fun Monthly Holidays: Find of lists of unexpected holidays and celebrate it with your staff like National High Five day and National Burrito day.
  34. Statistics: Share with your followers the insights of your industry by providing statistics.
  35. Old Blogs: Showcase past blogs that haven’t been viewed in a while, but are still relevant.
  36. Behind the Scene: Share what is happening at a job site or with a patient (with their permission).
  37. Questionnaire: Post questions that your followers can answer with ease.
  38. Giveaway: Create a fun giveaway that allows your followers to bring in more followers and interaction.
  39. Link articles: Was an article written about your company? Share it with your followers.
  40. Branded Images: Share unique images with your logo on it to make it yours.
  41. Infographics: Your followers will like to see new information they may have never heard of. Find daily topics on Daily Infographic.
  42. Share your Products: Post on Instagram and Pinterest using your products and hashtags so that people can find you.
  43. News Stories: Every find an article or news event that is random or unique? Share with your followers.
  44. How It’s Made: There’s nothing better than showing your followers how your product is being created.
  45. What Followers Want: Ask and you shall receive. See what your followers are looking for by asking them.
  46. Promote a Cause: Participate in a cause your company cares about and ask your followers to participate with you whether it is joining you in the walk or donating.
  47. Expert Thoughts & Advice: Your followers love to hear from you, share with them your thoughts on new products.
  48. Sneak Peek: Offering new products or services soon? Give your followers the sneak peek to what they should expect.
  49. Promotional Codes: Give out discounts specific to those who follow you on social media.
  50. Ask for Predictions: This is always fun when big sporting events happen. See what your followers believe is going to happen.

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