3 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Social media has continued to grow and evolve since it first joined the world in the early 2000s and has always been a driver of trends

Some of these trends are funny while others more serious, but these trends have given individuals and even companies the opportunity to engage deeper within their audience. When companies successfully jump on current trends, their engagement and public perception can increase dramatically into a positive trajectory.

Your business is no different and can benefit greatly from staying aligned to current social trends. Here are three important trends look out for in 2021 as well as some tips on how to successfully join the social conversation.

TikTok’s Rise

In case you haven’t heard, TikTok is a newer social media platform that focuses on sharing and watching short 15-60 second videos. It’s currently taking the world by storm, especially with younger demographics.

According to Socialmediatoday, Tiktok has 2 billion downloads to date, with 1 billion videos being viewed daily within the platform.

While TikTok’s popularity has been heavily with young people, it’s expanding its reach into older demographics as well. As of June 2020, teens accounted for only 32.5 percent of the platform, which means adults now account for more than 60% of active users on the platform.

If you’re not on the platform already, it’s the perfect time to join. As the app continues to grow in popularity, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting your business’s brand involved now.

Repurposing User Content

Social media users love to hop in on popular trends, and your business should be doing the same. Currently, a popular practice is to share a template of short-answer questions that social media users can fill out and re-post to share with their audience.

As a business, don’t feel like these practices are for personal accounts only. How many viral dances have you seen lately? How about viral videos depicting homemade recipes? Hashtags that are trending?

There is a that reason large, corporate-like companies are jumping in on these dances and trends –  because it works! Repurposing viral templates gives your brand the chance to show the public the human element behind the brand. Instead of consumers seeing your brand or company as one that just looks for sales, they’ll see it differently.

Your business will stand out as one that understands the interests and needs of consumers. You’ll also seem “connected” to everyone that comes across your brand if they see it participate in a viral trend. If it feels silly, it should! The more you try it, the easier it will be to follow and ride trend waves.


People these days are heavily invested in different types of movements (which are not the same as viral trends). However, we do not suggest jumping into these trending movements with both feet right away, no matter the stance you may hold. Sometimes, listening is more important than making a statement right away.

Oftentimes, companies jump into movements without really understanding what they are about, and as a result, can land themselves into PR disasters. When a movement or important event occurs, avoid trying to make too heavy of a statement with your brand.

Try listening first. Sometimes, the best thing to do is say nothing. If people need support and help, you can offer it. Otherwise, listen to your consumers first and the chatter around the event.

These social media trends will only grow more important as social media and the internet progresses into 2021. A great marketing plan with creative strategies (such as the ones above) will help your company stay relevant, fun, and competitive in 2021.

If you get stuck along the way and need help, contact us at Big Marlin Group! We have serviced over 70+ clients across various industries and want to help you reach your goals.

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