2020 Holiday Season Marketing

It seems that no matter what economic state the world might be in, there is always a bit of extra money to spend for the holiday season. According to the National Retail Federation, 167.8 billion was spent in the holiday season last year. This year, the numbers are only expected to grow. Failing to take advantage of this sharing of wealth during this holiday season would be huge, missed opportunity. We have compiled a couple of tips and tricks to help your business create a solid holiday season marketing plan.

Make It Mobile

Entrepreneur.com tells shows that the 2018 Christmas season marked a mobile milestone. For this first time ever, more users ordered their gifts through mobile than through a desktop device. It turned into the main point of entry for holiday shoppers. The better equipped your site is to handle the droves of visitors, the better. After all, the average attention span of a user visiting a site is about 7 seconds. If much of that time is spent on page loading and understanding the user interface of the site, then those are sales going out the window. Making the mobile version of your site your friends results in happy users and more sales.

Plan Ahead

It seems as if every year, the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier. Well, according to Salesforce, it’s not just the imagination hallucinating about seeing Christmas decorations in mid-October. According to them, the best time to start displaying Christmas ads and specials is as early as October! Yes, black Friday also has a slew of deals and specials, but most people like to window shop and go directly for what they want when that day comes around. Planning ahead and having everything in order allows for customers to find exactly what they need from your products for services. It also allows consumers to keep a mental note of what specials your business has compared to other ones out there. There’s a reason sales go up so much during the holiday season and a lot of it has to with planning ahead with a solid holiday season marketing plan.


When someone visits a webpage, it’s because they are looking for an answer to a specific question. In the case of shopping, it’s also because they’ve reached the end of the marketing funnel and are ready to make a purchase. That is why they are taking proactive steps in their search of a product or service. Consumers only visit webpages if they think that the gift they are looking for can be found within that site. If they visit and don’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave. Making sure your site and user experience are catered to these ready-to-buy consumers will provide a smooth consumer experience for them. When it comes to your business and competitors, personalization could mean the difference.


The holiday season is full of offers everywhere. Since there are specials and offers everywhere, most people take the time to compare prices and products. If someone visits your site and then leaves, don’t take it personal. Also, don’t let them get away! Personalized, retargeted ads can remind them of how great your offers and services are. After all, they are ready to make a purchase. Sometimes, all they need is a small nudge for them to make the final purchase decision. Retargeting customers has shown to have a great conversion rate as well.

Tweak and Modify as the Season Goes Along

Marketing plans are strategies that continuously evolve. Make sure to check the performance of your site, ads, and offers so that you are serving your customers in the best way possible. Big Marlin Group has a history of working with various clients across a wide array of industries. If you need help with your marketing, contact us! Our professionals will help decide the best course of action for you and your business.

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