Here's our tip for February!

Maximize your marketing impact by reallocating your Google advertising spend to top-performing zip codes.

Efficient budget allocation ensures better results in key areas, optimizing your ROI.

$71.22 CPL

Cost Per Lead

530% ROAS

Return On Advertising Spend

$214,850 GP

Gross Profit
Photo of Lakshan Nanayakkara- Owner, Budget Blinds of North San Antonio

"I’ve been using Big Marlin Group for over a year with my four Budget Blinds territories. I’m extremely impressed with their work as my marketing partner. With below-average cost per lead, monthly data analytics and optimizations, my business has grown year over year during the challenging post-pandemic economy. I highly recommend this energetic and talented team for your marketing needs”

Lakshan Nanayakkara

Owner, Budget Blinds of North San Antonio

Big Marlin Group